Exodus 29

Great(i) 1 This thyng also shalt thou do vnto them, when thou halowest them to be my prestes. Thou shalt take a calfe, euen a yonge oxe, and two rammes that are without blemish, 2 and vnleuened breade, and cakes of swete bread tempered with oyle, & wafers of swet bread anoynted with oyle (of wheten floure shalt thou make them) 3 & put them in a maunde, and brynge them in the maunde with the calfe and the two rammes. 4 And brynge Aaron and his sonnes vnto the doore of the tabernacle of wytnesse, and washe them with water, 5 and take the garmentes, and put vpon Aaron: the strayte cote the tunycle of the Ephod, & the Ephod, and the brestlappe: and gyrd them to hym with the brodered gyrdell which is in the Ephod. 6 And put the mytre vpon his heed: and put the holy crowne vpon the mytre. 7 Then shalt thou take the anoynting oyle, and powre it vpon his heed, and anoynte hym. 8 And bring hys sonnes, 9 and put albes vpon them, and gyrd them with gyrdels, aswell Aaron, as his sonnes. And put the myters on them, and the preastes office shalbe theirs for a perpetuall lawe. And thou shalt fyll the handes of Aaron and of his sonnes: 10 and bryng the calfe before the tabernacle of witnes. And Aaron and his sonnes shall put their handes vpon the heed of the calfe, 11 and thou shalt kyll hym before the Lorde, by the dore of the tabernacle of witnes. 12 And take of the bloud of the calfe and put it vpon the hornes of the aulter with thy fynger: and powre all the bloude besyde the botome of the aulter, 13 and take all the fat that couereth the inwardes, and the kall that is on the lyuer, and the two kidneys and the fat that is vpon them: and burne them vpon the aulter. 14 But the flesh of the calfe and hys skynne, & his donge shalt thou burne wt fyer without the hoost. It is a synofferyng. 15 Thou shalt also take one ram, and Aaron and hys sonnes shalt put their handes vpon the head of the ram, 16 & when thou hast slayne the ramme, thou shalt take hys bloude, and sprynkle it rounde about vpon the aulter, 17 & cut the ram in peces, and washe the inwardes of him and his legges, and put them vnto the peces and vnto his heed: 18 and then burne the hole ram vpon the aulter for a burntoffering vnto the Lorde, & for a swete sauour and a sacrifyce vnto the Lorde. 19 And take the other ram, and Aaron & hys sonnes shall put their handes vpon hys heed. 20 Then shalt thou kyll hym, and take of hys bloude, and put it vpon the typpe of the ryght eare of Aaron and of hys sonnes, and vpon the thombe of their ryght handes, and vpon the great to of their ryght fote, & sprynkle the bloude vpon the aulter rounde about. 21 And thou shalt take of the bloude that is vpon the aulter, and of the anoyntyng oyle, and sprynkell it vpon Aaron and hys vestimentes, and vpon his sonnes and vpon their garmentes wt hym. And he shalbe halowed & his clothes and his sonnes and theyr clothes with hym. 22 And thou shalt take the fatt of the ram and his rompe, and the fat that couereth the inwardes, and the kall of the lyuer, and the two kydneys and the fat that is vpon them and the ryghte shoulder: for that ram is a full offerynge: 23 and a symnell of bread, and a cake of oyle bread, and a wafer out of the baskette of swete breade that is before the Lorde, 24 and putt all vpon handes of Aaron, and on the handes of hys sonnes: and waue them for a waueofferynge before the Lorde. 25 And agayne, thou shalt take it from of their handes, and burne it vpon the aulter for a burntofferinge, to be a sauoure of swetnes before the Lorde. For it is a sacrifice vnto the Lorde. 26 And thou shalt take the brest of the ram of Aarons consecracyon, and waue it for a waueoffering before the Lorde: and it shalbe thy parte. 27 And thou shalt sanctifye the brest of the waueoffering: and the shoulder of the heueofferyng which is waued and heued vp of the ram of the consecracyon for Aaron and for his sonnes. 28 And it shalbe Aarons and his sonnes by a statute for euer of the chyldren of Israel: for it is an heueoffering. Euen an heueofferyng of the chyldren of Israel, and of their peaceofferinges. Their heueofferinges is the Lordes. 29 And the holy garmentes of Aaron shalbe his sonnes after him, to be anoynted therin, and to fyll their handes therin. 30 And that sonne that is preast in his stead after him, shall put them on seuen dayes: when he commeth into the tabernacle of witnes to minyster in the holy place. 31 And thou shalt take the ram of the consecracyon, and seth his flesh in an holy place. 32 And Aaron and his sonnes shall eate the flesh of the ram, and the bread that is in the basket: euen by the dore of the tabernacle of witnes: and they shall eate them, 33 because the atonement was made therwith, to fyll theyr handes, & to consecrate them: but a straunger shal not eate therof, because they are holy. 34 And yf ought of the flesh of the consecracyon or of the bread remayne vnto the mornynge, thou shalt burne it with fyer, and it shall not be eaten, because it is holy. 35 Therfore shalt thou do vnto Aaron and his sonnes, euen so, according to all thinges which I haue commaunded the: seuen dayes shalte thou fyll their handes, 36 and offer euery daye a calfe for a synne offerynge, for to reconcyle withall: that thou mayest clense the aultare when thou reconcylest vpon it, and thou shalt anoynte it, to sanctify it. 37 Seuen dayes thou shalt reconcyle vpon the aulter, and sanctifye it, and it shalbe as an aulter moost holye. Euery one that toucheth the aulter, lett. hym be holy. 38 This is that which thou shalt offer vpon the aulter: euen two lambes of one yeare olde, daye by daye continually: 39 the one thou shalt offer in the mornyng, and the other at euen. 40 And with the one lambe a tenth deale of flour myngled with the fourth parte of an hyn of beaten oyle, and the fourth part of an hin of wyne, for a drynck offerynge. 41 And the other lambe thou shalt offer at euen, and shalt do therto accordynge to the meatofferyng and drynckofferynge in the mornynge, to be an odoure of a swete sauoure and a sacrifyce vnto the Lorde. 42 And let this be a continuall burntofferynge amonge youre chyldren after you, before the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse before the Lorde, where I wyll mete you, to speake there vnto the. 43 There I wyll mete with the chyldren of Israel, and wyll be sanctifyed in myne honoure. 44 And I wyll sanctifye the tabernacle of witnes and the aulter. And I wyll sanctifye also both Aaron and hys sonnes to be my preastes. 45 And I wyll dwell amonge the chyldren of Israel: and will be their God. 46 And they shall knowe that I am the Lorde their God, that brought them oute of the lande of Egypte. for to dwell amonge them: euen I the Lord theyr God.