Exodus 23:14-17

Great(i) 14 Thre feastes thou shalt holde vnto me in a yere. 15 Thou shalt kepe the feaste of swete bread, that thou eate vnleuend bread seuen dayes longe as I commaunded the, in the tyme of the moneth whan corne beginneth to ripe, for in that moneth ye came oute of Egypte: and se that no man appeare before me emptye. 16 And the feaste of Heruest, when thou reapest the fyrst frutes of thy laboures, which thou hast sowne in the felde. And the feast of ingatheryng, which is in the ende of the yere: when thou hast gathered in thy laboures out of the felde. 17 Thre tymes in a yere shall all thy men chyldren appeare before the Lord God.