Deuteronomy 10:1-5

Great(i) 1 In the same ceason the Lord sayde vnto me hewe the two tables of stone lyke vnto the fyrst, and come vp vnto me in to the mount, & make the an Arcke of wood, 2 & I will wryte in the tables, the wordes that were in the fyrst tables which thou brakest, & thou shalt put them in the arcke. 3 And I made an arcke of sethim wood, and hewed two tables of stone like vnto the fyrst, and went vp in to the mountayne, hauynge the two tables in myne hande. 4 And he wrote in the tables accordynge to the fyrst writynge (the ten verses whiche the Lorde spake vnto you in the mount out of the myddes of the fyre, in the daye of the gatherynge together) and the Lord gaue them vnto me. 5 And I departed, and came downe from the hyll, and put the tables in the arcke which I had made: and there they be, as the Lorde commaunded me.