Amos 9

Great(i) 1 I sawe the Lorde standynge vpon the aulter, & he sayde: smyte the dore cheke, that the postes maye shake wythall. For theyr couetousnesse shall fall vpon all theyr heades, & theyr posterite shalbe slayne with the swerde. They shall not fle awaye, there shall not one of them escape, ner be delyuered. 2 Though they were buryed in the hell, my hande shall fetch them from thence: though they clyme vp to heauen, yet shall I cast them downe: 3 though they hyde them selues vpon the toppe of Carmel, yet shall I seke them out, and brynge them from thence: though they crepe downe fro my syght into the depe of the see, I shall commaunde the serpente, euen there to byte them. 4 If they goo awaye before theyr enemyes into captiuite, then shall I commaunde the swerde, there to slaye them. Thus wyll I sett myne eyes vpon them, for theyr harme and not for theyr wealth. 5 For when the Lorde God of hoostes toucheth a lande, it consumeth awaye, and all they that dwell therin, must nedes mourne: And why? theyr destruccyon shall aryse as euery streame & runne ouer them, as the floude in Egypte. 6 He that hath hys dwellynge in heauen, & groundeth hys tabernacle in the earth: He that calleth the waters as the see, & poureth them out vpon the playne grounde: his name is the Lorde. 7 O ye chyldren of Israel, are ye not vnto me, euen as the Moryans, sayeth the Lorde: haue not I brought Israel out of the lande of Egypte, The Philistynes from Capthor, and the Syrians from Cyr? 8 Beholde, the eyes of the Lorde are vpon the realme that synneth, to rote it clene out of the earth: Neuertheles, I will not vtterly destroye the house of Iacob, sayeth the Lorde. 9 For lo this I promyse: though I syfte the house of Israel amonge all nacyons (lyke as they vse to syfte in a syue) yet shall not the smallest grauell stone fall vpon the earth: 10 But all the wicked doers of my people, that saye: Tush, the plage is not so nye, to come so hastely vpon vs: those shall perysh wyth the swerde. 11 At that tyme will I buylde agayne the tabernacle of Dauid, that is fallen downe, and hedge vp his gappes: and loke what ys broken, I shal repayre it: yee, I shall buylde it agayne, as it was afore tyme 12 that they maye possesse the remnaunt of Edom, yee, and all soch people as call vpon my name wyth them, sayeth the Lorde, whych doth these thynges. 13 Beholde, the tyme commeth (sayeth the Lorde) that the plowman shall ouer take the mower, & treader of grapes, hym that soweth sede. The mountaynes shall droppe swete wyne, and the hylles shall be frutefull 14 & I wyll turne the captiuyte of my people of Israell: they shal repayre the waste cyties, and haue them in possession: they shall plante vyneyardes, and dryncke the wyne therof they shall make gardens, & enioye the frutes of them. 15 And I wyll plante them vpon theyr awne grounde, so that I will neuer rote them out agayne from theyr lande whych I haue geuen them sayeth the Lorde thy God.