Amos 2

Great(i) 1 Thus sayeth the Lorde: For thre and foure wyckednesses of Moab, I wyll not spare hym: because he brent the bones of the kynge of Edom to asshes. 2 Therfore, wyll I sende a fyre into Moab, which shall consume the palaces of Carioth: so that Moab shall peryshe with noyse and the sounde of a shawme. 3 I wyll rote out the iudge from amonge them, & slaye all hys prynces with him, sayeth the Lorde. 4 Thus sayeth the Lorde: for thre and foure wyckednesses of Iuda, I wyll not spare him: because he hath cast a syde the lawe of the Lorde, and not kepte hys commaundementes: for why? they wolde nedes be disceaued with the lyes that theyr forefathers folowed. 5 Therfore, will I sende a fyre into Iuda, which shall consume the palaces of Ierusalem. 6 Thus sayeth the Lorde: For thre and foure wickednesses of Israel, I will not spare him because he hath solde the ryghteous for money, & the poore for shoes. 7 They treade vpon poore mens heades, in the dust of the earth, & croke the wayes of the meke. The sonne and the father go to the harlot, to dishonoure my holy name, 8 they lye besyde euery alter vpon clothes taken to pledge, and in the house of theyr goddes they dryncke the wyne of the oppressed. 9 Yet destroyed I the Amoryte before them, that was as hye as the Cedre trees, and as stronge as the okes: notwithstandynge I destroyed his frute from aboue and his rote from vnder: 10 Agayne, I brought you out of the lande of Egypt, & led you fourty yeares thorowe the wildernes, that ye might haue the Amorites landes in possession. 11 I raysed vp prophetes amonge youre chyldren, and absteyners amonge youre yonge men. Is it not so, O ye chyldren of Israel, sayeth the Lorde? 12 But ye gaue the absteyners wyne to dryncke, yee, ye commaunded the prophetes sayinge. Prophecy not. 13 Beholde, I will crashe you in sonder, lyke as a wayne crassheth, that is full of sheaues: 14 so that the swifte shall not escape nether the stronge be able to do eny thynge: no, the gyaunte shall not saue his awne lyfe. 15 The archer shall not abyde, and the swyfte of fote shall not escape. The horsman shall not saue his lyfe, 16 and he that is as manly of stomack as a gyaunte, shall in that daye be fayne to runne his waye naked, sayeth the Lorde.