Acts 5:35-39

Great(i) 35 and sayd vnto them: ye men of Israel, take hede to youre selues, what ye entende to do, as touchynge these men. 36 For before these dayes rose vp one Thudas, boastynge hym selfe, to whom resorted a nombre of men, about a foure hondred, which was slayn: and they all which beleued hym. were scatred abrode, and brought to nough 37 After this man, was ther one Iudas of Galile in the dayes of the tribute, and drewe awaye moche people after hym. He also perisshed and all, euen (as many as harkened to him) were scatered abrode. 38 And now I saye vnto you: refraine your selues from these men, and lett them alone. For yf this councel or this worke be of men, it wyll come to naught. 39 But and yf it be of God, ye cannot destroye it, lest haply ye be founde to stryue agaynst God.