2 Samuel 19

Great(i) 1 And it was tolde Ioab: beholde, the kynge wepeth and mourneth for Absalom. 2 And the victorie of that daye was turned into mournynge vnto all the people. For the people hearde saye that daye, howe the kynge sorowed for hys sonne. 3 And the people stale awaye that daye from goynge into the cytie, as people confounded stele awaye, when they flee in battel. 4 But the kynge hyd his face, and cryed with a loude voyce. O my sone Absalom, O Absalon my sonne, my sonne. 5 And Ioab came into the house to the kynge, and sayde: thou hast shamed this daye the faces of all thy seruauntes, which this daye haue saued thy lyfe, and the lyues of thy sonnes and of thy daughters, & the lyues of thy wiues, and of thy concubynes, 6 in that thou louest thyne enemyes, and hatest thy frendes. For thou hast declared thys daye, that thou regardest nether thy Lordes nor seruauntes. And this daye I do perceaue, that yf Absalom had lyued, & all we had dyed this daye, that had pleased the well. 7 Nowe therfore vp, and come out, and speake kyndely vnto thy seruauntes: For I swere by the Lorde, except thou come out, there will not tarye one man with the thys nyght. And that wilbe worsse vnto the, then all the euell that fell on the from thy youth vnto thys houre. 8 Then the kynge arose, and satt downe in the Gate. And they tolde vnto all the people, sayinge: Beholde, the kynge doth sytt in the Gate. And all the people came before the kinge. But Israel fled, euery man to hys tent. 9 And it fortuned that all the people were at stryffe thorowe out all the trybes of Israel, sayinge: the kyng saued vs out of the hande of oure enemyes, he delyuered vs out of the hande of the Philistines, and nowe he is fleed out of the lande for Absalom. 10 But Absalom whom we anoynted ouer vs, is deed in battell. Therfore, why are ye so styll, that ye brynge not the kynge agayne? 11 And kyng Dauid sent to Sadock and Abiathar the preastes, sayinge: speake vnto the elders of Iuda & saye: why are ye behynde, to brynge the kynge agayne to his house, seynge that soch tydinges is come from all Israel vnto the kynge euen to hys house? 12 Ye are my brethren, my bones & my fleshe: wherfore then are ye the last that bringe the kynge home agayne? 13 And saye ye to Amasa: art thou not of my bone & of my fleshe? God do so and so to me, yf thou be not captayne of the host to me for euer in the roume of Ioab. 14 And he bowed the hertes of all the men of Iuda, euen, as the hert of one man: so that they sent this worde to the kyng: Returne thou with all thy seruauntes. 15 So the kynge returned, & came to Iordan. And Iuda came to Gilgal, for to go downe to mete the kynge, & to conueye him ouer Iordan. 16 And Simei the sonne of Gera, the sonne of Iemini, whych was of Bahurim, hasted, and came with the men of Iuda to mete king Dauid, 17 and there were a thousande men of Beniamin wt hym, & Ziba the seruaunt of the house of Saul and his .xv. sonnes and twentye seruauntes with him. And they went quyckly ouer Iordan before the kynge. And there went ouer a boate 18 that caryed ouer the kynges housholde and they dyd him pleasure. And Simei the sonne of Gera fell before the kynge (as he was come ouer Iordan) 19 and sayde vnto him: let not my Lorde impute wickednesse vnto me, ner remember the thinges (that they seruaunt dyd wickedly when my Lorde the kyng departed out of Ierusalem) that the kyng shulde take it to herte. 20 For thy seruaunt doth knowe, howe that I haue done amysse. And therfore beholde, I am the fyrst this daye of all the house of Ioseph, that am come to go downe, to mete my Lorde the kynge. 21 But Abisai the sonne of Zeruia answered, and sayde: shall not Semei dye for this, because he cursed the Lords anoynted? 22 And Dauid sayde: what matter is betwene you and me ye sonnes of zeruia? For thys daye ye be aduersaryes vnto me. Shall there any man dye this daye in Israel? Do not I knowe, that I am this daye kynge ouer Israel? 23 And therfore the kynge sayde vnto Semei: thou shalt not dye, & the kynge sware vnto him. 24 And Miphiboseth the sonne of Saul came also to mete the kynge, & had nether wasshed his fete, ner shauen his beerde, ner wasshed his clothes from the tyme the kynge departed, vntyll he came agayne in peace. 25 And it fortuned that when he was come to Ierusalem, and mett the kynge, the kynge sayde vnto him: wherfore wentest not thou wyth me Miphiboseth? 26 He answered: my Lorde, O kynge, my seruaunt deceaued me. For thy seruaunt sayde I wolde haue mine Asse sadled to ryde theron, for to go to the kynge, because thy seruaunt is lame. 27 And Ziba hath falsely reported of thy seruaunt vnto my Lorde the kynge. And my Lorde the kynge is as an angel of God: do therfore what semeth good in thine eyes. 28 For all my fathers house were but deed men before my Lorde the kynge: and yet dydest thou put thy seruaunt amonge them that dyd eate at thyne awne table. What ryght therfore haue I yet, to crye any more vnto the kynge? 29 And the kynge sayde vnto him: Why speakest thou yet in thyne awne cause? I haue sayde: thou and Ziba deuide the landes betwene you. 30 And Miphiboseth sayde vnto the kynge: yee lett him take all: for so moch as my Lorde the kynge is come agayne in peace vnto his awne house. 31 And Berselai the Gileadite came downe from Roglim, and went ouer Iordan with the kyng, to convaye him ouer Iordan: 32 Berselai was a very aged man, euen foure skore yere olde, & prouyded the kynge of sustenaunce, whyle he laye at Mahanaim: for he was a man of verye great substaunce. 33 And the kynge sayde vnto Berselai: come thou with me, & I will fede the with me in Ierusalem. 34 And Berselai sayde vnto the kynge: I am thus olde, and howe am I able to go vp with the kynge vnto Ierusalem? 35 I am this daye foure skore yere olde: and can I decerne betwene good and euell? Hath thy seruaunt any tast in that he eateth or drincketh? Can he heare any more the voyce of synginge men & women? Wherfore then shulde thy seruaunt be yet a burthen vnto my Lorde the kynge? 36 Thy seruaunt will go a lytle waye ouer Iordan with the kynge: and why wyll the kynge recompence it me with soch a rewarde? 37 O let thy seruaunt turne back agayne, that I maye dye in myne awne cytie, and (be buryed) in the graue of my father and of my mother. Beholde, here is thy seruaunt Chimeam: let him go with my Lorde the kynge, and do to him, what shall please the: 38 And the kynge answered: Chimeam shall go with me. And I will do to him that thou shalt be content with. And whatsoeuer thou shalt requyre of me, that same will I do for the. 39 And all the people went ouer Iordan. And when the kynge was come ouer Iordan, he kyssed Berselai, and blessed him, & he went backe agayne vnto his awne place. 40 And then the kynge went to Gilgal, and Chimeam went with him, & so dyd all the people of Iuda, and brought ouer the kynge, and there were but halfe the men of Israel. 41 And beholde, all the men of Israel came to the kynge, and sayde vnto him, why haue oure brethren the men of Iuda stolen the awaye and haue brought the kyng & his housholde, and all Dauids men with him ouer Iordan? 42 And all the men of Iuda answered the men of Israel: the kynge is nere of kynne to vs: wherfore be ye angrye for that matter? thynke ye that we eate of the kynges cost, or that we take vs any gyftes? 43 And the men of Israel answered the men of Iuda and sayde: we haue ten partes in the kynge, & haue therto more ryght to Dauid then ye. Why then dyd ye despyse vs, that oure aduise shulde not be fyrst had in restoringe oure kynge agayne? And the wordes of the men of Iuda were fearcer, then the wordes of the men of Israel.