2 Kings 22

Great(i) 1 Iosia was eyght yere olde when he beganne to raygne, and he raygned .xxxi. yere in Ierusalem. His mothers name also was Iedida the daughter of Adaia of Bozcath. 2 He dyd that which is ryght in the syght of the Lorde, and walked in all the wayes of Dauid his father, and bowed nether to the ryght hande or to the lefte. 3 And it came to passe, that in the .xviii. yeare of the raygne of kynge Iosia, the kynge sent Saphan the sonne of Azalia the sonne of Mesulam the scribe, to the house of the Lorde, sayenge: 4 go vp to Helkia the hye Preast, that he maye somme the syluer which is brought into the house of the Lorde, which the kepers of the porche haue gathered of the people, 5 and let them delyuer it into the hande of them that do the worcke, and that haue the ouersyght of the house of the Lorde: and let them geue it to them that worke in the house of the Lorde (to repayre the decayed places of the temple,) 6 euen vnto carpenters & masons, and workers vpon the walles, and for to bye tymbre and fre stone to repayre the temple. 7 Howbeit, let no rekonynge be made with them of the moneye that is delyuered into their hande, for their vse is to deale faithfully. 8 And Helkia the hye preste sayd vnto Saphan the scribe: I haue founde the boke of the lawe in the housse of the Lorde, and Helkia gaue the boke to Saphan, and he red in it. 9 And Saphan the scrybe came to the kynge, and brought him worde agayne, and sayde: thy seruauntes haue bestowed the money (that was founde in the temple) & haue delyuered it vnto them that do the worke, & that haue the ouersyght of the house of the Lorde. 10 And Saphan the scrybe shewed the kynge, sayeng: Helkia the preaste hath delyuered me a boke. And Saphan red in it before the kynge. 11 And it fortuned, that whan the kynge had hearde the wordes of the boke of the lawe, he rent his clothes. 12 And the kyng commaunded Helkia the Preast, & Ahikam the sonne of Saphan, and Achbor the sonne of Michaia, and Saphan the scrybe, and Asahia a seruaunt of the kynges, sayenge: 13 go ye and enquyre of the Lorde for me and for the people, and for all Iuda, concernynge the wordes of thys boke that is founde. For great is the wrath of the Lorde that is kendled agaynst vs, because oure fathers haue not herkened vnto the wordes of thys boke, to do accordinge vnto all that which is written therin for vs. 14 So Helkia the hye preaste and Akikam, Achbor, and Saphan, and Asahia went vnto Hulda the prophetisse the wyfe of Sullam the sonne of Thikua the sonne of Harham keper of the wardrope: whyche prophetisse dwelt in Ierusalem in the house of the doctrine, and they commoned with her. 15 And she answered them: thus sayth the Lord God of Israel. Tell the man that sent you to me: 16 thus sayth the Lord: beholde, I wyll brynge euell vpon thys place, and on the inhabiters therof. (euen all the wordes of the boke which the kynge of Iuda hath red) 17 because they haue forsaken me, and haue burnt incense vnto other Gods, to angre me with all the workes of theyr handes: My wrath also shalbe kyndled agaynst thys place, and shall not be quenched. 18 But to the kynge of Iuda (which sent you to aske councell of the Lorde,) so shall ye saye: thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel as touchynge the wordes which ye haue heard: 19 Because thyne herte dyd melt, and because thou hast humbled thy selfe before me the Lorde, when thou heardest what I spake agaynst thys place, and agaynst the enhabiters of the same (howe that they shulde be destroyed and acursed:) and hast rent thy clothes and wepte before me: of that also haue I hearde, sayth the Lorde. 20 Beholde therfore, I wyll receaue the vnto thy fathers, and thou shalt be put into thy graue in peace, and thyne eyes shall not se all the euell, which I wyll bringe vpon this place. And they brought the kyng worde agayne.