2 Kings 17:9-18

Great(i) 9 And the children of Israel went about to hyde those thinges that were not well, from the Lorde theyr God. And they buylt them Hyllaulters in all theyr cyties, bothe in the towres where they kept watch, and also in the stronge townes. 10 And they made them ymages and groues in euery hye hyll, and vnder euery thyck tre. 11 And there they burnt incense in all the Hyllaulters, as dyd the hethen (whom the Lorde caryed awaye before them) and wrought wycked thynges to angre the Lorde withall: 12 For they serued most vyle Idoles, wherof the Lorde had sayde vnto them. Ye shall do no soche thynge. 13 And the Lorde testifyed in Israel, and in Iuda by all the prophetes and by all the sears, sayinge. Turne from youre wycked wayes and kepe my commaundementes and my statutes, accordinge to all the lawe which I commaunded youre fathers, and which I sent to you by my seruauntes the prophetes. 14 Notwithstandynge they wolde not heare but rather hardened theyr neckes, lyke to the stubburnesse of their fathers that dyd not beleue in the Lorde their God. 15 For they refused hys statutes, and hys appoyntment that he made with theyr fathers, & the witnesses (wherwith he witnessed vnto them) & they folowed vanyte, and became vayne, and went after the hethen that were rounde aboute them: concernynge whom, the Lorde had charged them, that they shuld not do lyke them. 16 But they left the commaundementes of the Lord theyr God and made them Images of metall euen two calues: and made Idole groues, & worshypped all the Hoste of heauen, and serued Baall. 17 And they sacrifyced theyr sonnes & theyr daughters in fyre, and vsed witchcraft and enchauntementes euen sellynge them selues to worke wyckednesse in the syght of the Lorde, and to angre hym. 18 And the Lorde was exceadinge wroth wt Israel and put them out of hys syght that there was lefte but the trybe of Iuda onely.