2 Corinthians 10:13-16

Great(i) 13 But we will not reioyce aboue measure: but accordynge to the measure of the rule, which God hath distributed vnto vs, a measure to reache euen vnto you. 14 For we stretch not out our selues beyonde measure, as though we reached nott vnto you. For euen to you also haue we come wt the gospell of Christ, 15 and we boast not our selues out of measure of other mennes labours: Yee, and we hope it wyll come to passe, that when your faith is increased amonge you, we shalbe magnifyed accordynge to oure measure, more largely, 16 and that I shall preache the Gospell in those regions which are beyonde you: & not to boast of those thynges, which by another mans measure are prepared allready.