2 Chronicles 31

Great(i) 1 And when all these thynges were fynysshed, all they of Israel that were present in the cyties of Iuda, went out and brake the ymages, and cut downe the Idoles groues, & al to brake the hye places, and aulters, thorow out all Iuda and Beniamin, in Ephraim also and Manasse, vntyll they had vtterly destroyed them al. And all the children of Israel returned euery man to his possessions & to their awne cyties. 2 And Hezekia appoynted sondrye companies of the preastes and Leuites after the dyuersyte of their ministracions, euery man accordynge to his office: both preastes and Leuites, for the burntofferinge & peace offeringes, to ministre, & to geue thankes & prayse in the gates of the host of the Lord. 3 And the kynges porcion of his substaunce that he gaue, were dayly burntofferinges in themorning and euening, & burntofferinges for the Saboth dayes, newmones, & solempne feastes, accordynge as it is written in the lawe of the Lorde. 4 And he bade the people that dwelt in Ierusalem, geue the parte to the preastes & Leuites, that they might substauncially applye them selues to the lawe of the Lord. 5 And as sone as the kynges commaundement came abroad, the children of Israel brought aboundaunce of first frutes, of corne, wyne, oyle, honye, & of all maner of frutes of the felde, & the tythes of all maner of thynges brought they in plenteously. 6 And the chyldren of Israel and Iuda that dwelt in the cyties of Iuda, they also brought in the tythes of oxen and shepe, and other holy tythes which were consecrate vnto the Lorde theyr God, they dyd offre, and brought them all by heapes. 7 In the thyrd moneth they beganne to laye the heapes (in maner of a foundacion) and finisshed them in the seuenth moneth. 8 And when Hezekia and the Lordes came and sawe the heapes, they blessed the Lorde & his people Israel. 9 And Hezekia questioned with the preastes & the Leuites concernyng the heapes. 10 And Azaria the chefe preaste of the house of Zadock, answered him, & sayde: sense the people beganne to bryng the heaue offerynges into the house of the Lord, we also haue had ynough to eate, there remayned so moch: for the Lorde hath blessed his people and this heape is left. 11 And Hezekia bad prepare the chambres in the house of the Lord. And they dyd prepare them, 12 & caryed in the first frutes, the tythes, and the dedicat thynges, faythfully. Ouer which Chonaniahu the Leuite had the rule, and Semei his brother next to him. 13 And Iehiel, Asaziahu, Nahath, Asael, Ierimoth, Iosabad, Eliel, Iesmachiahu, Mahath & Banaiahu were ouer sears ordeyned by Chonaniahu, & Semei his brother was an offycer of Hezekia the kyng, and Azaria was the ruler of the house of God. 14 And Chore the sonne of Imna the Leuite and porter of the East dore, had the ouersyght of the thinges that were offred of a frewill vnto God (and were geuen in maner seuerally vnto the Lorde) and ouer the thynges most holy. 15 And vnder his hand were Eden, Miniamin, Iesua, Semeiahu, Amariahu, and Sechaniahu in the cities of the preastes appoynted of theyr fydelyte to geue to their brethren theyr porcions, as wel to the small as to the greate. 16 Except that to the males that were reckened from thre yere & aboue (amonge al that went into the house of the Lord) they shuld geue daye by daye, for theyr ministracion, & for theyr geuyng attendaunce, & for their diuerse waytinges by course. 17 And to the preastes & Leuites thorowe out the housholde of theyr fathers, from twentye yere & aboue to wayte when their courses came. 18 And to the families of all their babes, wyues, sonnes & daughters thorowe all the congregacion. For vpon the fydelyte of them were the holy thynges bestowed. 19 And to the chyldren of Aaron, the preastes, whych were in the feldes & suburbes of their cyties, cytie by cytie the men (whose names were expressed afore) shulde geue porcions, euen to all the males amonge the preastes, and to all the Leuites accordynge to theyr nombre. 20 And of thys maner dyd Hezekia thorowe out all Iuda, & wrought it that is good, and ryght and true, before the Lorde hys God. 21 And in all the worckes that he beganne for the seruice of the house of God, for the lawe, and for the commaundementes, he sought his God, & that dyd he with all his hert, & prospered.