2 Chronicles 29

Great(i) 1 Hezekia beganne to raygne, when he was fyue & twenty yere olde, & raygned nyne & twenty yere in Ierusalem. And his mothers name was Abia the daughter of Zachariahu. 2 And he dyd that which was ryght in the syght of the Lorde, in all poyntes as dyd Dauid hys father. 3 He opened the dores of the house of the Lorde (in the fyrst yere and fyrst moneth of hys raygne) and repayred them. 4 And he brought in the preastes and the Leuites, and gathered them together in to the eest strete: 5 and sayde vnto them. Heare me ye Leuites, & now be sanctifyed and halowe the house of the Lorde God of youre fathers, brynge fylthinesse out of the holy place. 6 For oure fathers haue trespaced, and done euell in the eyes of the Lorde oure God: and haue forsaken him, & turned awaye theyr faces from the habitacion of the Lorde, and turned theyr backes on it. 7 And besyde that they haue shut vp the dores of the porche and quenched the lampes, & haue nether burnt incense, nor offered burnt offeringes in the holy place vnto the God of Israel. 8 Wherfore the wrath of the Lorde fell on Iuda and Ierusalem: & he hath brought them to trouble, to be wondred on, and to be hissed at, euen as ye se with youre eyes. 9 For, lo, oure fathers were ouerthrowen with the swerde, and oure sonnes, oure daughters & oure wyues were caryed awaye captiue for the same cause. 10 And nowe it is in my hert, to make a couenaunt with the Lorde God of Israel: that he maye turne awaye his heuye indignacyon from vs. 11 Nowe therfore my sonnes, be not neclygent: for the Lorde hath chosen you to stande before him, and for to ministre and serue hym, and to burne incense. 12 Then the Leuites arose: Mahath the sonne of Amasai, & Ioel the sonne of Asariahu of the chyldren of the Cahathites. And of the sonnes of Merari, Kis the sonne of Addi, and Asariahu the sonne of Iehalelel. And of the sonnes of the Gersonites, Ioah the sonne of Simma, and Eden the sonne of Ioah. 13 And of the sonnes of Elizaphan, Simri & Iehiel. And of the sonnes of Asaph, Zechariahu and Mathaniahu. 14 And of the sonnes of Heman, Iehiel & Simei. And of the sonnes of Ieduthun Semaia and Uziel. 15 And they gathered their brethren, & purifyed them selues, & came accordynge to the commaundement of the kynge and the wordes of the Lorde, for to clense the house of the Lorde. 16 And the preastes went into the ynner partes of the house of the Lord to clense it, and brought out all the vnclennesse that they founde in the temple of the Lorde into the court of the house of the Lorde. And the Leuites toke it, to carye it out into the broke Cedron. 17 They beganne the fyrst daye of the fyrst moneth to purifye, and the eyght daye of the monethe came they to the porche of the Lorde: and purged the house of the Lorde in eyght dayes, and in the syxtene daye of the fyrst moneth they made an ende. 18 And they went into Hezekia the kynge, & sayde: we haue clensed all the house of the Lord, the aulter of burntofferinge, with all his vessels, & the shewbreed table with all his apparell: 19 and all the vessels which kyng Ahaz did cast a syde when he raygned & transgressed, them we haue prepared and sanctifyed: and beholde, they are before the aulter of the Lord. 20 And Hezekia the kynge rose earlye, & gathered the Lordes of the cytie and went vp to the house of the Lorde. 21 And they brought seuen oxen, seuen rammes, seuen shepe, and seuen hegoates, to be a synne offeryng for the kyngdome, for the sanctuarie, & for Iuda. And he commaunded the preastes the sonnes of Aaron, to offer them on the aulter of the Lorde. 22 And they slue the oxen, & the preastes receaued the bloude, & sprinkled it on the aulter: lyke wyse, whan they had slayne the rammes, they sprinkled the bloude vpon the aulter: they slue also the shepe, & they sprinkled the bloud vpon the aulter. 23 And then they brought forth the hegoates for the synne offerynge before the kynge and the congregacyon, & put theyr handes vpon them. 24 And the preastes slue them, and with the bloude of them they clensed the aulter, to make satisfaccion for all Israel: for the kynge commaunded, that the burnt offerynge and the synne offering shulde be made for all Israel. 25 And set the Leuites in the house of the Lorde with symbales, psalteries and harpes accordynge to the commaundement of Dauid and of Gad the kynges sear, and Nathan the prophete. For so was the commaundment of the Lorde thorowe the hande of his prophetes. 26 And the Leuites stode, hauynge the instrumentes of Dauid, and the preastes helde the trompettes. 27 And Hezekia commaunded to offer the burntofferynge vpon the aulter. And when the burntoffering beganne, the songe of the Lorde beganne also, & the trompettes wt the instrumentes that were ordeyned by the hande of Dauid kynge of Israel. 28 And all the congregacion worshypped, synginge a song, and blowinge with the trompets, & all thys continued, vntyll the burnt offerynge was fynysshed. 29 And when they had made an ende of offerynge, the kynge and all that were present wt hym. bowed them selues, & worshypped. 30 And Hezekia the kynge & the Lordes spake to the Leuites to prayse the Lorde with the wordes of Dauid, & of Asaph the sear. And the Leuites sange prayses with gladnesse, and the other bowed them selues, and worshypped. 31 And Hezekia answered, & sayde: nowe ye haue consecrate youre handes to the Lord: go to therfore, & bringe in the sacrifices & thankofferynges into the house of the Lorde. And the congregacyon brought in the sacrifyces & thanke offerynges & burntofferinges, as many as were of a fre liberall hart. 32 And the nombre of the burntofferinges which the congregacion brought, was .lxx. oxen, an hundred rammes, & two hundred shepe: which were, all for the burnt offeringe of the Lorde. 33 And ther were dedicated syxe hundred oxen, and thre thousande shepe. 34 And the preastes were to fewe, to fleye all the burnt offeringes: but their brethren the Leuites dyd helpe them, till they had ended the worke, and vntyll the preastes were sanctifyed. For the Leuites were purer herted to be sanctifyed then the preastes. 35 And therto the burnt offerynges were many with the fatte of the peace offeringes & the drinke offerynges that be longe to the burnt offerynge. And so the seruice pertayninge to the house of the Lorde was fynisshed. 36 And Hezekia reioysed & all the people, that God had made the folcke so readye: and that the thynge was so soone done.