2 Chronicles 21

Great(i) 1 Iehosaphat also slepte wt hys fathers, and was buryd with his fathers in the citie of Dauid, & Iehoram his sonne raygned in his steade: 2 and he had brethren which were the sonnes of Iehosaphat. Asaria, Iehiel, Zacharia, Asaria, Michael, & Sephatiahu. All these were the sonnes of Iehosaphat kynge of Iuda. 3 And their father gaue them many greate gyftes of golde, and syluer, and other speciall substaunce, wt stronge cityes in Iuda: but the kyngdome gaue he to Iehoram, for he was the eldest. 4 And Iehoram rose vp agaynst the kyngdome of his father, and preuayled, and slue all his brethren with the swerde, & diuerse of the lordes of Israel. 5 Iehoram was .xxxij. yere olde whan he beganne to raygne, and he raygned eight yere in Ierusalem. 6 And he walked in the waye of the kinges of Israel, lyke as dyd the house of Ahab, for he had the daughter of Ahab to wyfe, & he wrought euell in the eyes of the Lorde. 7 Howbeit, the Lord wolde nott destroye the house of Dauid, because of the couenaunt that he had made with Dauid, as he promysed to gyue a light to hym and to hys sonnes for euer. 8 In hys dayes the Edomites rebelled, whan they were vnder the dominyon of Iuda, and made them selues a kinge. 9 And Iehoram went forth wt his lordes, and all hys charettes were wt hym: & he rose vp by nyght, & smote that Edomites, which compased him in, & the captaynes of the charettes. 10 But Edom rebelled styll, so that they wolde not be vnder the hande of Iuda vnto this daye. That same time also dyd Libna departe from beyng vnder his hande, because Iehoram had forsaken the Lorde God of his fathers. 11 Moreouer, he made hylaulters in the cyties of Iuda, and caused the enhabiters of Ierusalem to commyt fornycacyon, and prouoked Iuda to Idolatrye. 12 And there came a writynge to him from Elia the prophete, saying: Thus sayth the Lord God of Dauid thy father: because thou hast not walked in the wayes of Iehosaphat thy father, & in the wayes of Asa kynge of Iuda, 13 but walkedst in the wayes of the kynges of Israel, & hast made Iuda & the dwellers of Ierusalem to go a whoring, lyke to the whordome of the house of Ahab, & hast slayne thy brethren, euen thy fathers house, which were better then thou: 14 beholde, wt a greate plage wyll the Lorde smyte thy folke, thy children, thy wyues, and thy goodes. 15 And thou shalt suffre great payne: euen a dysease of thy bowelles, vntyll thy guttes fall out by reason of thy sycknes, daye by daye. 16 And so the Lorde stered vp agaynst Iehoram the sprete of the Philistines, & the Arabians that were besyde the blacke mores. 17 And they came vp into Iuda, and wasted it, and caryed awaye all the substaunce that was found in the kynges house, and hys sonnes, and his wyues: so that there was neuer a sonne lefte him saue Iehohahaz which was the yongest amonge hys sonnes. 18 And after all these thynges, the Lorde smote him in his bowelles wt an incurable disease. 19 And it came to passe, that in processe of tyme, euen after the ende of two yeres, hys guttes fell out in his sycknes: and so he dyed of very euell diseases. And they made no burnynge for him lyke the burnyng of hys fathers. 20 When he beganne to raygne, he was .xxij. yeare olde, and raygned in Ierusalem .viij. yere, & lyued wretchedly: howbeit they buryed hym in the citye of Dauid: but not among the sepulchres of the kynges.