2 Chronicles 16

Great(i) 1 In the .xxxvi. yere of the raygne of Asa, came Baasa kyng of Israel vp agaynst Iuda, and buylt Rama, to the entent that he wolde let none passe out or in to Asa kynge of Iuda. 2 And Asa set out golde and syluer, out of the treasures of the house of the Lorde, & of the kynges house, & sent to Benhadad kyng of Siria that dwelt at Darmesec, and sayd: 3 There is a confederacion betwene me & the, betwene my father & thine. Beholde, I haue sent the syluer and golde, that thou wylt come and breake thyne appoyntment wt Baasa kynge of Israel, that he maye departe from me. 4 And Benhadad graunted vnto kynge Asa, and sent to the captaynes of hys armye to the cityes of Israel. And they smote Iion, Dan, and Abelmain, and the strong cyties of Nephthali. 5 And when Baasa hearde this, he left buyldynge of Rama, and let his worcke cease. 6 And then Asa the kyng toke all Iuda, and caryed awaye the stones and tymbre of Rama, wherwith Baasa was a buyldyng, and he buylt therwith Geba and Mizpa. 7 At that same tyme, Hanani the sear came to Asa kyng of Iuda, & sayde vnto hym: because thou hast trusted in the kyng of Siria, and not rather put thy trust in the Lorde thy God, therfore is the host of the kynge of Siria escaped out of thyne hande. 8 Had not the blacke mores and Lubim an exceadinge great hoost with many charettes and horsemen? And yet because thou trustedest in the Lorde, he delyuered them into thyne hande. 9 For the eyes of the Lorde beholde all the erth, to strength them that are of perfecte hert towarde him. Herin thou hast done folyshly, and therfore from hensforth thou shalt haue warre. 10 And Asa was wroth with the fear, & put him into a preson house, for he was displeased with hym because of thys thynge. And Asa destroyed certayne of the people the same ceason. 11 And beholde, these dedes of Asa, fyrst, & last, are wrytten in the boke of the kinges of Iuda and Israel. 12 And Asa in the .xxxix. yere of hys raygne fell sycke in hys fete, and that hys disease contynued very longe. And in hys sycknes he sought not the Lord, but phisicions. 13 And Asa slept with his fathers, and dyed in the .xlj. yere of hys raygne. 14 And they buryed hym in his awne sepulchre, which he had made for hym selfe in the cytye of Dauid, and layed hym in the bed which he had fylled with dyuerse kyndes of spices & swete odours, made by the craft of the potecaryes. And they burnt very moch spyce about him.