2 Chronicles 10

Great(i) 1 And Rehoboam went to Sichem: for to Sichem were all Israell come together, to make hym kynge. 2 And when Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat (which was fled into Egypte from the presence of Salomon the kynge) hearde it, he returned out of Egypt. 3 And they sent and called hym. And so Ieroboam and all they of Israel came and comoned wyth Rehoboam, sayenge: 4 Thy father layed a greuouse yocke vpon vs: nowe therfore remytte thou somewhat of the greuouse seruyce of thy father and of his heuye yocke that he put vpon vs, and we wyll serue the. 5 And he sayde to them come agayne vnto me after thre dayes. And the people departed. 6 And kynge Rehoboam counsayled wyth the elders that had stande before Salomon his father, whyle he yet lyued, and he sayde: what councell geue ye me, to answere thys people agayne? 7 And they tolde him, saying: If thou be kynde to thys people, and shewe thy selfe lowely to them, and speake louynge wordes to them, they wyll be thy seruauntes for euer. 8 But he left the councell whiche the elders gaue him, and toke councell wyth the youngemen, that were growen vp with hym and that stode in his presence. 9 And he sayde vnto them: what aduise geue ye, that we may answere thys people, which haue commoned wyth me, sayinge: Abate some what of the yocke, which thy father dyd put vpon vs. 10 And the yonge men that were growen vp wyth hym, spake vnto hym, sayinge: Thus shalt thou answere the people that spake to the, sayinge: Thy father made oure yocke heuye: but make thou it some what lyghter for vs. Thus shalt thou saye vnto them, my lytle fynger shalbe heuyer then my fathers, loynes. 11 For where my father put a heuye yocke vpon you, I wyll put more to your yock: my father chastysed you wt whyppes, but I wyll chastyce you with scorpions. 12 And so Ieroboam & all the people came to Rehoboam the thyrde daye, as the kynge badde, saying: come agayne to me the thyrd daye. 13 And the kynge answered them cruelly: and kyng Rehoboam left the councell of the aged men, 14 and answered them after the aduise of the yonge men, sayinge: My father made your yocke greuous, and I wyll adde therto: my father chastysed you with whyppes, but I wyll chastyce you with scorpions. 15 And so the kynge herkened not vnto the people: but the occasion came of God, that the Lord myght make good his saying, which he spake, by the hande of Ahia the Silonite, to Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat. 16 And when all they of Israel sawe that the kynge wolde not agree vnto them, the people answered the kynge sayinge: what parte haue we wt Dauid, or enheritaunce wt the sonne of Isai? let euery man of Israel go to his tent. And now Dauid, se to thyne awne house. And so all Israel gat them to their tentes, 17 so that Rehoboam raygned ouer no moo of the chyldren of Israel, then dwelt in the cyties of Iuda. 18 Then kynge Rehoboam also sente Haduram that was ruler ouer the tribute, and the chyldren of Israel stoned hym wt stones that he dyed. But kyng Rehoboam made spede to get him vp to his charret, to flye to Ierusalem. 19 And they of Israel rebelled agaynst the house of Dauid vnto thys daye.