1 Samuel 30:22-24

Great(i) 22 Then answered all the wycked & the vnthriftes (of the men that went with Dauid) & sayde: because they went not with vs, therfore will we geue them none of the praye, that we haue recouered, But let euery man take hys wyfe and hys chyldren: Those lett them cary awaye, and be walkynge. 23 Then sayde Dauid: ye shall not do so (my brethren) wt that which the Lord hath geuen vs, & hath preserued vs, & delyuered the companye that came agaynst vs, into oure handes. 24 For who shuld herken vnto you in thys matter? But as hys parte is that goeth downe & fyghteth, so shall his parte be, that taryeth by the stuffe, that it maye be parted alyke.