1 Samuel 25:31-35

Great(i) 31 then shall it be no decaye vnto the, ner discourage of herte vnto my Lorde, that thou hast not shedde bloud causelesse, ner aduenged thy selfe. But when the Lord shall haue dealt well with my Lorde, then thynck on thyne handmayde. 32 And Dauid sayd to Abigail: blessed be the Lorde God of Israel, which sent the this daye to mete me. 33 Blessed is thy sayeng, & blessed art thou, which hast kept me thys daye from coming to shede bloud, and from aduengyng my self with myne awne hand. 34 For in very deade, as sure as the Lord God of Israel lyueth, which hath kept me backe from hurtyng the, excepte thou haddest hasted and met me, thinkest thou, there had bene left vnto Nabal by the dawnyng of the daye, a pisser agaynst the wall? 35 And so Dauid receaued of her hand, that which she had brought him & sayd to her: go vp in peace to thyne house. Beholde, I haue herde thy voyce, and haue accepted thy persone.
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