1 Samuel 25:16-20

Great(i) 16 They were a wall of defence vnto vs both by nyght & daye, all the whyle we were with them keping shepe. 17 Now therfore, take hede, and se what thou hast to do, for there is an occasion of euell geuen agaynst oure master and all his housholde, seyng: he is as a sonne of beliall vngracious to speake to. 18 Then Abigail made hast, & toke two hundred loues, & two bottelles of wine, and fyue shepe readye dressed, and fyue measures of parched corne, and an hundred frayles of reasyngs, and two hundred topnettes of fygges, and laded them on asses, 19 & sayde vnto her young men: go ye before me. Beholde, I come after you. But she tolde her husband Naball nothing therof. 20 And as she rode on her asse she came preuely downe the syde of the hyll, & beholde, Dauid and hys men came downe agaynst her, & she met them.
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