1 Chronicles 29

Great(i) 1 And Dauid the kynge sayde vnto all the congregacyon: God hath speciallye chosen Salomon my sonne whych is yet younge & tender, & the worcke is greate, for the house shall not be for man, but for the Lorde God. 2 Moreouer, I haue prepared wt all my myghte for the house of God: golde for vessels of golde, syluer fer them of syluer, brasse for thynges of brasse, yron for thynges of yron, & wood for thynges of wood: and onix stones, and stones to be sett, glystringe stones and of diuerse coloure, and all maner of preciouse stones, and marble stones in great aboundance. 3 And because I haue lust to the house of my God: 4 I haue of myne owne propre good, of golde and syluer whych I haue seuerally geuen to the house of my God, besyde all that I haue prepared for the holy house: euen thre thousande talentes of golde of Ophir, and seuen thousande talentes of tryed syluer: to ouerlaye the walles of the houses withall: 5 the golde for thynges of golde syluer for them of syluer, & for all maner of worcke by the handes of artifycers. And whosoeuer is willing, maye this daye consecrate hys hande vnto the Lorde. 6 And so the auncient fathers and the Lordes of the trybes of Israel, the captaynes of thousandes and hundredes, with the Lordes that were rulers ouer the kynges worke, were wyllynge 7 and gaue for the seruyce of the house of God, fyue thousande talentes of Golde, and ten thousande peces of golde: and ten thousande talentes of syluer, and .xviij. thousande talentes of brasse, and an hundred thousande talentes of yron. 8 And they with whom preciouse stones were founde gaue them to the treasure of the house of the Lord, by the hande of Ichiel the Gersonite. 9 And the people reioysed, whan they were so wyllynge to geue their goodes, and wyth a perfecte hert they offred vnto the Lorde. And Dauid the kynge reioysed wyth great gladnesse. 10 And Dauid blessed the Lorde before all the congregacyon, and sayde: Blessed be thou Lord God of Israel oure father, from euer and for euer. 11 Thyne (O Lorde) is greatnesse, and power, glorie, victorie and prayse: for all that is in heauen and in erth is thyne, & thyne is the kyngdom (O Lorde) and thou excellest aboue all, euen as the heed of all. 12 And rychesse and honoure come of the, and thou rayguest ouer all, and in thyne hande is power and strength, and in thyne hand it is to make great & to geue strength vnto all. 13 And nowe oure God, we thanke the, and prayse thy gloriouse name. 14 But whom am I? and what is my people? that we shulde enforce oure selues to geue these thinges so willingly? But all thynges come of the: and of that which we receaued of thyne hande we haue geuen the. 15 For we be but straungers before the, and soiourners, as were all oure fathers. Oure dayes on the erth also are but as a shadowe, and there is none abydinge. 16 O Lorde oure God, all this stuffe that we haue prepared to buylde the an house for thy holy name, commeth of thyne hande, & is all thyne. 17 (I wote also my God) that thou tryest the hertes, and hast pleasure in vnfaynednesse. And in the unfaynednesse of myne herte. I haue willinglye offred all these thinges. And nowe haue I sene thy people which are founde here, to offer vnto the willyngly and wyth gladnesse. 18 O Lorde God of Abraham, Isahac, & of Israel oure fathers, kepe this for euer, as the begynnynge of the thoughtes of the herte of thy people, and prepare their hertes vnto the. 19 And geue vnto Salomon my sonne, a perfecte herte, to kepe thy commaundementes, thy testymonies and thy statutes, and to do all, & to buylde the house for the which I haue made prouision for. 20 And Dauid sayde to all the congregacyon: Nowe blesse the Lorde youre God. And all the congregacion blessed the Lorde God of their fathers, and bowed downe their heades and worshypped the Lorde and the kynge. 21 And they offered offerynges vnto the Lorde. And on the morowe after the sayde daye, they offered burntofferynges vnto the Lorde euen a thousande younge oxen, a thousande rammes & a thousande shepe, with their dryncke offerynges. Many sacrifyces offred they for all Israel, 22 & dyd eate & dryncke before the Lorde the same daye wt greate gladnesse. And they made Salomon the sonne of Dauid kynge the seconde tyme, and annoynted him prynce before the Lorde, and Zadock to be the hye preaste. 23 And Salomon sate on the seate of the Lorde, and was kyng in steade of Dauid his father, & prospered, and all they of Israel obeyed him. 24 And all the Lordes and men of power, and all the sonnes of kynge Dauid submitted them selues, & were vnder kynge Salomon. 25 And the Lorde magnified Salomon in dignitye, in the syght of all them of Israel, and gaue him so gloriouse a kyngdome as no kynge had before him in Israel. 26 And so Dauid the sonne of Isay raygned ouer all Israel. 27 And the space that he raygned ouer Israel, was fourtye yere: seuen yeare raygned he in Hebron, & .xxxiij. yere raygned he in Ierusalem. 28 And he dyed in a good age: full of dayes, ryches and honoure. And Salomon his sonne raygned in his steade. 29 The actes of Dauid the kynge fyrst and laste, beholde, they are written in the boke of Samuel the sear, and in the boke of Nathan the prophete, and in the boke of Gad the sear, 30 wt all his kyngdome and power & tymes, that went ouer him and ouer all Israel, & ouer all the kyngdomes of the erth.