Wisdom of Solomon 6

Geneva(i) 1 Heare therefore, O ye Kings, and vnderstande: learne, ye that be iudges of the endes of ye earth. 2 Giue eare, ye that rule the multitudes and glorie in the multitude of people. 3 For the rule is giuen you of the Lorde, and power by the most High, which wil try your works, and search out your imaginations. 4 Because that ye being officers of his kingdome haue not iudged aright, nor kept the Lawe, nor walked after the will of God, 5 Horribly & suddenly wil he appeare vnto you: for an hard iudgement shall they haue that beare rule. 6 For he that is most low is worthy mercie, but the mightie shalbe mightily tormented. 7 For he that is Lord ouer all, wil spare no person, neither shall he feare any greatnes: for he hath made the small and great, and careth for all alike, 8 But for the mightie abideth the sorer triall. 9 Vnto you therefore, O tyrants, doe I speake, that ye may learne wisdome, and not goe amisse. 10 For they that keepe holines holily, shalbe holy, and they that are learned there, shall find a defence. 11 Wherefore set your delite vpon my wordes and desire them, and ye shalbe instructed. 12 Wisedome shineth and neuer fadeth away, and is easily seene of them that loue her, and found of such as seeke her, 13 She preuenteth them that desire her, that she may first shewe her selfe vnto them. 14 Who so awaketh vnto her betimes, shal haue no great trauaile: for hee shall finde her sitting at his doores. 15 To thinke vpo her then is perfect vnderstading: and who so watcheth for her, shalbe soone wtout care. 16 For she goeth about, seeking such as are meete for her, and sheweth herselfe cheerefully vnto them in the wayes, and meeteth them in euery thought. 17 For the most true desire of discipline is her beginning: and the care of discipline is loue: 18 And loue is the keeping of her lawes: and the keeping of ye lawes is the assurance of immortalitie: 19 And immortalitie maketh vs nere vnto God. 20 Therefore the desire of wisedome leadeth to the kingdome. 21 If your delite be then in thrones, and scepters, O Kings of the people, honour wisdome, that ye may reigne for euer. 22 Nowe I will tell you what wisedome is, and whence it commeth, and will not hide the mysteries from you, but wil seeke her out from the beginning of her natiuitie, and bring the knowledge of her into light, and will not keepe backe the trueth. 23 Neither wil I haue to do with consuming enuie: for such a man shal not be partaker of wisdome. 24 But the multitude of the wise is the preseruation of the world, and a wise King is the stay of the people. 25 Be therefore instructed by my wordes, and ye shall haue profite.