Wisdom of Solomon 19

Geneva(i) 1 As for the vngodly, the wrath came vpon them without mercy vnto the ende: for hee knewe what should come vnto them, 2 That they, (when they had consented to let them goe, and had sent them out with diligence) would repent, and pursue them. 3 For while yet sorowe was before them, and they lamented by the graues of the dead, they deuised another foolishnesse, so that they persecuted them in their fleeing, whome they had cast out afore with praier. 4 For the destinie, whereof they were worthy, brought them to this ende, and caused them toforget the things that had come to passe, that they might accomplish the punishment, which remained by torments, 5 Both that thy people might trie a marueilous passage, and that these might finde a strange death. 6 For euery creature in his kinde was facioned of newe, and serued in their owne offices inioyned them, that thy children might be kept without hurt. 7 For the cloude ouershadowed their tentes, and the drye earth appeared, where afore was water: so that in the red sea there was a way without impediment, and the great deepe became a greene fielde. 8 Through the which all the people went that were defended with thine hand, seeing thy wonderous marueiles. 9 For they neyed like horses, and leaped like lambes, praysing thee, O Lord, which haddest deliuered them. 10 For they were yet mindfull of those thinges which were done in the land where they dwelt, how the ground brought forth flyes, in steade of cattell, and howe the riuer scrauled with the multitude of frogges in steade of fishes. 11 But at the last they sawe a newe generation of birdes, when they were intised with lust, and desired delicate meates. 12 For the quailes came foorth of the sea vnto them for comfort, but punishments came vpon the sinners not without signes that were giuen by great thundrings: for they suffered worthily according to their wickednesse, because they shewed a cruell hatred toward strangers. 13 For ye one sort would not receiue them when they were present, because they knewe them not: the other sort brought the strangers into bondage that had done them good. 14 Beside all these things some would not suffer, that any regarde shoulde be had of them: For they handled the strangers despitefully. 15 Others that had receiued them with great banketting, and admitted them to be partakers of the same lawes, did afflict them with great labours. 16 Therefore they were stricken with blindnes, as in olde time certeine were at the doores of the righteous, so that euery one being compassed with darknesse, sought the entrance of his doore. 17 Thus the elements agreed among themselues in this change, as when one tune is changed vpon an instrument of musike, and the melodie still remaineth, which may easily be perceiued by the sight of the things that are come to passe. 18 For the things of the earth were changed into things of the water, and the thing that did swimme went vpon the ground. 19 The fire had power in the water contrary vnto his owne vertue, and the water forgate his owne kinde to quench. 20 Againe, the flames did not hurt ye flesh of the corruptible beasts that walked therein, neither melted they that which seemed to be yce, & was of a nature that would melt, and yet was an immortall meate. 21 For in all things, O Lord, thou hast magnified and glorified thy people, and hast not despised to assist them in euery time and place.