Wisdom of Solomon 18

Geneva(i) 1 Bvt thy Saintes had a very great light, whose voyce because they heard, and sawe not the figure of them, they thought them blessed, because they also had not suffred the like. 2 And because they did not hurt them, which did hurt them afore, they thanked them, and asked pardon for their enimitie, 3 Therefore thou gauest them a burning pillar of fire to leade them in the vnknowen way, and madest the sunne that it hurted not them in their honourable iourney. 4 But they were worthy to be depriued of the light, and to be kept in darkenesse, which had kept thy children shut vp, by whom the vncorrupt light of the Lawe should be giuen to the world. 5 Whereas they thought to slay the babes of the Saints, by one childe that was cast out, and preserued to reprooue them, thou hast taken away the multitude of their children and destroied them all together in the mightie water. 6 Of that night were our fathers certified afore, that they knowing vnto what othes they had giuen credite, might be of good cheere. 7 Thus thy people receiued the health of the righteous, but the enemies were destroied. 8 For as thou hast punished the enemies, so hast thou glorified vs whome thou hast called. 9 For the righteous children of the good men offred secretely, and made a Lawe of righteousnesse by one consent, that the Saintes shoulde receiue good and euill in like maner, and that the fathers should first sing praises. 10 But a disagreeing crie was hearde of the enemies, and there was a lamentable noise for the children that were bewailed. 11 For the maister and the seruant were punished with like punishment, and the common people suffred alike with the King. 12 So they all together had innumerable that died with one kinde of death: neither were ye liuing sufficient to burie them: for in the twinckling of an eye the noblest offspring of them was destroied. 13 So they that could beleeue nothing, because of ye inchantments, confessed this people to be the children of God, in the destruction of ye first borne: 14 For while all things were in quiet silence, and the night was in the middest of her swift course, 15 Thine almighty woorde leapt downe from heauen out of thy royall throne, as a fierce man of warre in the middes of the lande that was destroied, 16 And brought thine vnfained commaundement as a sharpe sworde, and stoode vp and filled all thinges with death, and being come downe to the earth, it reached vnto the heauens. 17 Then the sight of the fearefull dreames vexed them suddenly, and fearefulnes came vpon them vnawares. 18 Then lay there one here, another there halfe dead, and shewed the cause of his death. 19 For the visios that vexed them, shewed them these things afore: so that they were not ignorant, wherefore they perished. 20 Nowe tentation of death touched the righteous also, and among the multitude in the wildernesse there was a plague, but the wrath indured not long. 21 For the blameles man made haste, and defended them, and tooke the weapons of his ministration, euen prayer, and the reconciliation by the perfume, and set himselfe against the wrath, and so brought the miserie to an ende, declaring that hee was thy seruaunt. 22 For he ouercame not the multitude with bodily power, nor with force of weapons, but with the word he subdued him that punished, alleadging the othes and couenant made vnto the fathers. 23 For when the dead were fallen downe by heapes one vpon another, hee stoode in the middes, and cut off the wrath, and parted it from comming to the liuing. 24 For in the long garment was all the ornament, and in the foure rowes of the stones was the glory of the fathers grauen with thy maiestie in the diademe of his head. 25 Vnto these the destroier gaue place, and was afraide of them: for it was sufficient, that they had tasted the wrath.