Wisdom of Solomon 12

Geneva(i) 1 For thine incorruptible spirit is in all things. 2 Therfore thou chastenest them measurably that go wrong, and warnest them by putting them in remembrance of the things wherein they haue offended, that leauing wickednes, they may beleeue in thee, O Lord. 3 As for those olde inhabitants of the holy land, thou diddest hate them. 4 For they committed abominable workes, as sorceries and wicked sacrifices, 5 And slaying of their owne children without mercy, & eating of ye bowels of mans flesh in banketing, where ye raging Priests shed abominable blood. 6 And the fathers were the chiefe murtherers of the soules, destitute of all helpe, whome thou wouldest destroy by the hands of our fathers, 7 That the land which thou louest aboue all other, might be a meete dwelling for the children of God. 8 Neuertheles, thou sparedst them also as men, and sendedst the forerunners of thine hoste, euen hornets to destroy them by litle and litle, 9 Not that thou wast vnable to subdue the vngodly vnto ye righteous in battel, or with cruell beasts, or with one rough word to destroy them together. 10 But in punishing them by litle and litle, thou gauest them space to repent, knowing well, that it was an vnrighteous nation & wicked of nature, and that their thought could neuer be altered. 11 For it was a cursed seede from the beginning: yet hast thou not spared them when they sinned, because thou fearedst any man. 12 For who dare say, What hast thou done? Or who dare stand against thy iudgement? Or who dare accuse thee for the nations that perish, whome thou hast made? Or who dare stand against thee to reuenge the wicked men? 13 For there is none other God but thou, that carest for all things, that thou mayest declare how that thy iudgement is not vnright. 14 There dare neither King nor tyrant in thy sight require accounts of them whome thou hast punished. 15 For so much then as thou are righteous thy selfe, thou orderest all things righteously, thinking it not agreeable to thy power to condemne him, that hath not deserued to be punished. 16 For thy power is the beginning of righteousnesse, and because thou art Lorde of all things, it causeth thee to spare all things. 17 When men thinke thee not to be of a perfit power, thou declarest thy power, and reprouest the boldnesse of the wise. 18 But thou ruling the power, iudgest with equitie, and gouernest vs with great fauour: for thou maist shewe thy power when thou wilt. 19 By such workes nowe hast thou taught thy people, that a man should be iust and louing, and hast made thy children to be of a good hope: for thou giuest repentance to sinners. 20 For if thou hast punished the enemies of thy children that had deserued death with so great consideration, & requesting vnto them, giuing them time & place that they might change fro their wickednesse, 21 With howe great circumspection wilt thou punish thine owne childre, vnto whose fathers thou hast sworne and made couenants of good promises? 22 So when thou doest chasten vs, thou punishest our enemies a thousand times more, to the intent that when we iudge, we shoulde diligently consider thy goodnesse, and when we are iudged, we shoulde hope for mercie. 23 Wherfore thou hast tormented ye wicked that haue liued a dissolute life by their own imaginatios. 24 For they went astray very farre in the wayes of errour, and esteemed the beastes, which their enemies despised, for gods, being abused after the maner of children, that haue none vnderstanding. 25 Therefore hast thou sent this punishment that they should be in derisio as childre without reason. 26 But they that will not be reformed by those scornefull rebukes, shall feele the worthie punishment of God. 27 For in those things when they suffered, they disdained, but in these whom they counted godly, when they sawe themselues punished by them, they all acknowledged the true God whom afore they had denied to knowe: therefore came extreme damnation vpon them.