Tobit 2

Geneva(i) 1 Nowe when I was come home againe, and my wife Anna was restored vnto mee with my sonne Tobias, in the feast of Pentecoste, which is the holy feast of the seuen weekes, there was a great dinner prepared me, in ye which I sate downe to eat. 2 And when I sawe abundance of meat, I sayde to my sonne, Go, and bring what poore man soeuer thou shalt finde of our brethren which doeth remember God, and loe I will tarie for thee. 3 But hee came againe, and sayde, Father, one of our nation is strangled, and is cast out in the market place. 4 Then before I had tasted any meate, I start vp, and brought him into mine house vntill the going downe of the sunne. 5 Then I returned and washed, & ate my meate in heauinesse, 6 Remembring that prophecie of Amos, which had saide, Your solemne feastes shall be turned into mourning, and your ioyes into wailing. 7 Therefore I wept, and after the going downe of the sunne I went and made a graue and buried him. 8 But my neighbours mocked mee, and sayde, Doeth he not feare, to die for this cause, who fled away, and yet, loe, he burieth the dead againe. 9 The same night also when I returned from the buriall, and slept at the wall of mine house because I was polluted, & hauing my face vncouered, 10 And I knewe not that sparrowes were in the wall, and as mine eyes were open, the sparrowes cast downe warme dongue into mine eyes, and a whitenesse came in mine eyes, and I went to the Phisitions, but they helped me not. Moreouer Achiacharus did nourish me, vntill I went into Helimais. 11 And my wife Anna did take womens works to doe. 12 And when shee had sent them home to the owners, they paied the wages, and gaue a kid. 13 Which when it was at mine house, & beganto bleate, I sayd vnto her, from whence is this kid? Is it not stollen? Render it to the owners: for it is not lawfull to eate any thing that is stollen. 14 But shee sayde, It was giuen for a gift more then the wages, but I did not beleeue, and bade her to render it to the owners, and I did blush, because of her. Furthermore she said, where are thine almes, and thy righteousnes? behold, they all nowe appeare in thee.