Sirach 9

Geneva(i) 1 Be not ielous ouer thy wife of thy bosome, neyther teach her by thy meanes an euill lesson. 2 Giue not thy life vnto a woman, lest shee ouercome thy strength, & so thou be cofounded. 3 Meete not an harlot, least thou fall into her snares. 4 Vse not the companie of a woman that is a singer, and a dancer, neither heare her, least thou be taken by her craftines. 5 Gaze not on a mayde, that thou fal not by that that is precious in her. 6 Cast not thy minde vpon harlots in any maner of thing, least thou destroy both thy selfe and thine heritage. 7 Goe not about gazing in the streetes of the citie, neyther wander thou in the secrete places thereof. 8 Turne away thine eye from a beautiful woman, and looke not vpon others beautie: for many haue perished by the beautie of women: for through it loue is kindled as a fire. 9 Euery woman that is an harlot, shalbe troden vnder foote as dongue, of euery one that goeth by the way. 10 Many wondering at the beautie of a strange woman, haue bene cast out: for her wordes burne as a fire. 11 Sit not at all with another mans wife, neyther lye with her vpon the bed, nor banket with her, lest thine heart incline vnto her, & so through thy desire fall into destruction. 12 Forsake not an olde friende: for the newe shal not be like him: a newe friend is as newe wine: when it is olde, thou shalt drinke it with pleasure. 13 Desire not the honour and riches of a sinner: for thou knowest not what shalbe his ende. 14 Delite not in the thing that ye vngodly haue pleasure in, but remember that they shall not bee found iust vnto their graue. 15 Keepe thee from the man that hath power to slay: so shalt thou not doubt the feare of death: and if thou come vnto him, make no fault, least he take away thy life: remember that thou goest in the middes of snares, and that thou walkest vpon the towres of the citie. 16 Trye thy neighbour as neere as thou canst, and aske counsell of the wise. 17 Let thy talke be with the wise, and all thy communication in the Lawe of the most High. 18 Let iust men eate & drinke with thee, & let thy reioycing be in the feare of the Lord. 19 In the handes of the crafcesmen shall the workes be commended, and the wise prince of the people by his worde, and the worde by the wisedome of the Elders. 20 A man ful of words is dangerous in his citie, and he that is rash in his talking, shalbe hated.