Sirach 8

Geneva(i) 1 Striue not with a mightie man, least thou fal into his handes. 2 Make not variance with a rich man, lest he on the other side weigh downe thy weyght: for golde and siluer hath destroyed many, and hath subuerted the hearts of kings. 3 Striue not with a man that is full of wordes, and lay no stickes vpon his fire. 4 Play not with a man that is vntaught, least thy kinred be dishonoured. 5 Despise not a man that turneth himselfe away from sinne, nor cast him not in the teeth withall, but remember that we are all worthy blame. 6 Dishonour not a man in his olde age: for they were as we which are not olde. 7 Be not glad of the death of thine enemy, but remeber that we must die all, & so enter into ioy. 8 Despise not the exhortation of the Elders that be wise, but acquaint thy selfe with their wise sentences: for of them thou shalt learne wisdome, and the doctrine of vnderstanding, and how to serue great men without complaynt. 9 Go not from the doctrine of the Elders: for they haue learned it of their fathers, and of them thou shalt learne vnderstanding, and to make answere in the time of neede. 10 Kindle not the coles of sinners, when thou rebukest them, least thou be burnt in the fyerie flames of their sinnes. 11 Rise not vp against him that doeth wrong, that he lay not wayte as a spie for thy mouth. 12 Lende not vnto him that is mightier then thy selfe: for if thou lendest him, count it but lost. 13 Be not suertie aboue thy power: for if thou be suretie, thinke to pay it. 14 Goe not to law with the Iudge: for they will giue sentence according to his owne honour. 15 Trauaile not by the way with him that is rash, least he doe thee iniurie: for he followeth his owne wilfulnesse, and so shalt thou perish through his follie. 16 Striue not with him that is angry, and goe not with him into the wildernesse: for blood is as nothing in his sight, and where there is no helpe, he will ouerthrow thee. 17 Take no counsell at a foole: for he can not keepe a thing close. 18 Doe no secrete thing before a stranger: for thou canst not tell what he goeth aboue. 19 Open not thine heart vnto euery man, least he be vnthankful to thee, & put thee to reprofe.