Sirach 6

Geneva(i) 1 Be not of a friend thy neighbours enemie: for such shal haue an euil name, shame and reproch, and he shall be in infamie as the wicked that hath a double tongue. 2 Bee not proude in the deuice of thine owne minde, least thy soule rent thee as a bull, 3 And eate vp thy leaues, & destroy thy fruite, and so thou be left as a drie tree in the wildernes. 4 For a wicked soule destroieth him that hath it, and maketh him to be laughed to scorne of his enemies, and bringeth him to the portion of the vngodly. 5 A sweete talke multiplieth the friendes and pacifieth them that bee at variance, and a sweete tongue increaseth much good talke. 6 Holde friendship with many, neuerthelesse haue but one counseller of a thousand. 7 If thou gettest a friend, prooue him first, and be not hastie to credite him. 8 For some man is a friend for his owne occasion, and will not abide in the day of thy trouble. 9 And there is some friend that turneth to enimitie, and taketh part against thee, & in contentionhe will declare thy shame. 10 Againe some friend is but a companion at the table, and in the day of thine affliction he continueth not. 11 But in thy prosperitie he will be as thou thy selfe, and wil vse libertie ouer thy seruants. 12 If thou be brought lowe, he will be against thee, and wil hide himselfe from thy face. 13 Depart from thine enemies, and beware of thy friendes. 14 A faithfull friend is a strong defence, and he that findeth such one, findeth a treasure. 15 A faithfull friende ought not to be changed for any thing, & the weight of golde and siluer is not to be compared to the goodnes of his faith. 16 A faithfull friend is the medicine of life and immortalitie, and they that feare the Lorde, shall finde him. 17 Who so feareth the Lorde, shall direct his friendship aright, and as his owne selfe, so shall his friende be. 18 My sonne, receiue doctrine from thy youth vp: so shalt thou finde wisdome which shal indure till thine olde age. 19 Goe to her as one that ploweth, and soweth, and wayte for her good fruites: for thou shalt haue but litle labour in her worke: but thou shalt eate of her fruites right soone. 20 How exceeding sharpe is shee to the vnlearned? He that is without iudgement, wil not remaine with her. 21 Vnto such one shee is as a fine touchstone, and he casteth her from him without delay. 22 For they haue the name of wisedome, but there be but fewe that haue the knowledge of her. 23 For with them that know her, shee abideth vnto the appearing of God. 24 Giue eare, my sonne: receiue my doctrine, & refuse not my counsel, 25 And put thy feete into her linkes, and thy necke into her chayne. 26 Bow downe thy shoulder vnto her, & beare her, and be not weary of her bandes. 27 Come vnto her with thy whole heart, and keepe her wayes with all thy power. 28 Seeke after her, and search her, and shee shal be shewed thee: and when thou hast gotten her, forsake her not. 29 For at the last thou shalt finde rest in her, & that shalbe turned to thy ioy. 30 Then shal her fetters be a strong defence for thee, and a sure foundation and her chaines a glorious rayment. 31 For there is a golden ornament in her, and her handes are the laces of purple colour. 32 Thou shalt put her on as a robe of honour, and shalt put her vpon thee, as a crowne of ioy. 33 My sonne, if thou wilt, thou shalt be taught, & if thou wilt apply thy minde, thou shalt be witty. 34 If thou loue to heare, thou shalt receiue doctrine, and if thou delight in hearing, thou shalt be wise. 35 Stand with the multitude of ye Elders, which are wise, and ioyne with him that is wise. 36 Desire to heare al godly talke, & let not the graue sentences of knowledge escape thee. 37 And if thou seest a man of vnderstanding, get thee soone vnto him, and let thy foote weare the steppes of his doores. 38 Let thy minde be vpon the ordinances of the Lord, & be continually occupyed in his commadements: so shall he stablish thine heart, and giue thee wisdome at thine owne desire.