Sirach 5

Geneva(i) 1 Trust not vnto thy riches, and say not, I haue inough for my life: for it shal not helpe in the time of vengeance and indignation. 2 Folow not thine owne minde & thy strength to walke in the waies of thine heart: 3 Neither say thou, How haue I had strength or who wil bring me vnder for my works? for God the auenger wil reuenge the wrong done by thee. 4 And say not, I haue sinned, & what euil hath come vnto mee? for the Almightie is a patient rewarder, but he will not leaue thee vnpunished. 5 Because thy sinne is forgiuen, be not without feare, to heape sinne vpon sinne. 6 And say not, The mercie of God is great: hee will forgiue my manifolde sinnes: for mercie and wrath come from him, and his indignation commeth downe vpon sinners. 7 Make no tarying to turne vnto the Lord, and put not off from day to day: for suddenly shall the wrath of the Lorde breake foorth, and in thy securitie thou shalt bee destroied, and thou shalt perish in time of vengeance. 8 Trust not in wicked riches: for they shall not helpe thee in the day of punishmet & vengeance. 9 Be not caried about with euery winde, and goe not into euery way: for so doeth the sinner that hath a double tongue. 10 Stande fast in thy sure vnderstanding and in the way and knowledge of the Lord and haue but one maner of word, and follow the word of peace and righteousnesse. 11 Be humble to heare the worde of God, that thou maiest vnderstand it, and make a true answere with wisdome. 12 Be swift to heare good things, & let thy life be pure, and giue a patient answere. 13 If thou hast vnderstanding, answer thy neighbour: if not, laie thine hande vpon thy mouth, least thou be trapped in an vndiscrete woorde, and so be blamed. 14 Honour and shame is in the talke, and the tongue of a man causeth him to fall. 15 Be not counted a talebearer, and lie not in waite with thy tongue: for shame and repentance follow the thiefe, and an euil condemnation is ouer him that is double tonged: but he that is a backbiter, shall be hated, enuied and confounded.. 16 Doe not rashly, neither in small thinges nor in great.