Sirach 47

Geneva(i) 1 After him rose vp Nathan to prophesie in the time of Dauid. 2 For as the fatte is taken away from the peace offering, so was Dauid chosen out of the children of Israel. 3 He played with the lions, as with kiddes, and with beares, as with lambes. 4 Slewe he not a gyant when he was yet but yong, and tooke away the rebuke from the people, when he lift vp his hand with the stone in the sling, to beate downe the pride of Goliah? 5 For he called vpon ye most high Lorde, which gaue him strength in his right hand, to slaye that mightie warriour, & that he might set vp the horne of his people againe. 6 So he gaue him the praise of ten thousand, and honoured him with great prayses, and gaue him a crowne of glorie. 7 For he destroyed the enemies on euery side, and rooted out the Philistims his aduersaries, and brake their horne in sunder vnto this day. 8 In all his workes he praysed the Holy one, and the most High with honourable wordes, and with his whole heart he sung songs, and loued him that made him. 9 He set singers also before the altar, and according to their tune he made sweete songs, that they might prayse God dayly with their songs. 10 He ordeyned to keepe the feast dayes comely, and appointed the times perfitly, that they might prayse the holy Name of God, and make the Temple to sound in the morning. 11 The Lord tooke away his sinnes, and exalted his horne for euer: he gaue him the couenant of the kingdome, and the throne of glory in Israel. 12 After him rose vp a wise sonne, who by him dwelt in a large possession. 13 Salomon reigned in a peaceable time, and was glorious: for God made all quiet round about, that he might build an house in his Name, and prepare the Sanctuarie for euer. 14 Howe wise wast thou in thy youth, and wast filled with vnderstanding as with a flood! 15 Thy mind couered the whole earth, and hath filled it with graue and darke sentences. 16 Thy Name went abrode in the yles, and for thy peace thou wast beloued. 17 The countreis marueiled at thee for thy songs and prouerbes, and similitudes, and interpretations. 18 By the Name of the Lorde God, which is called the God of Israel, thou hast gathered golde as tinne and hast had as much siluer as lead. 19 Thou diddest bowe thy loynes to women, and wast ouercome by thy body. 20 Thou diddest staine thine honour, and hast defiled thy posteritie, and hast brought wrath vpon thy children, and hast felt sorowe for thy folie. 21 So the kingdome was deuided, and Ephraim beganne to be a rebellious kingdome. 22 Neuertheles the Lord left not off his mercy, neither was he destroyed for his workes, neither did he abolish the posteritie of his elect, nor tooke away the seede of him that loued him, but he left a remnant vnto Iacob, and a roote of him vnto Dauid. 23 Thus rested Salomon with his fathers, and of his seede he left behinde him Roboam, euen the foolishnesse of the people, and one that had no vnderstanding, who turned away the people through his counsell, and Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat, which caused Israel to sinne, and shewed Ephraim the way of sinne, 24 So that their sinnes were so much increased, that they were driuen out of the land. 25 For they sought out all wickednesse, till the vengeance came vpon them.