Sirach 42

Geneva(i) 1 Of these thinges be not thou ashamed, neither haue regard to offende for any person: 2 Of the Lawe of the most High and his couenant, and of iudgement to iustifie the godly: 3 Of the cause of thy companion, and of strangers, or of distributing the heritage among friendes: 4 To bee diligent to keepe true balance, and weight, whether thou haue much or litle: 5 To sell marchandise at an indifferent price, and to correct thy children diligently, and to beate an euill seruant to the blood: 6 To set a good locke where an euil wife is, and to locke where many handes are: 7 If thou giue any thing by nomber, & weight, to put all in writing, both that that is giuen out, and that that is receiued againe: 8 To teach the vnlearned & the vnwise, and the aged, that contend against the yong: thus shalt thou be well instructed, and approued of all men liuing. 9 The daughter maketh the father to watch secretly, and the carefulnesse that he hath for her, taketh away his sleepe in the youth, least shee should passe the flower of her age: and when shee hath an husband, least she should be hated: 10 In her virginitie, least she should bee defiled, or gotten with childe in her fathers house, & when she is with her husband, least she misbehaue herselfe and when she is married, least she cotinue vnfruitful. 11 If thy daughter bee vnshamefast, keepe her straitely, least she cause thine enemies to laugh thee to scorne, and make thee a common talke in the citie, and defame thee among the people, and bring thee to publike shame. 12 Beholde not euery bodies beautie, and companie not among women. 13 For as the moth commeth out of garments so doeth wickednes of the woman. 14 The wickednes of a man is better then the good intreatie of a woman, to wit, of a woman that is in shame, and reproche. 15 I will remember the workes of the Lorde, and declare the thing that I haue seene: by the word of the Lord are his workes. 16 The sunne that shineth, looketh vpon all things, and all the worke thereof is full of the glory of the Lord. 17 Hath not the Lord appointed that his Saints should declare all his wonderous workes, which the almightie Lord hath stablished to cofirme all things by in his maiestie? 18 He seeketh out the depth, & the heart, and he knoweth their practises: for the Lorde knoweth all science, and he beholdeth the signes of the world. 19 He declareth the things that are past, and for to come, and discloseth the pathes of things that are secrete. 20 No thought may escape him, neither may any word be hid from him. 21 Hee hath garnished the excellent workes of his wisdome, and hee is from euerlasting to euerlasting, and for euer: vnto him may nothing be added, neither can he be minished: he hath no neede of any counseller. 22 Oh, how delectable are all his workes, and to be considered euen vnto the sparkes of fire! 23 They liue all, and endure for euer: and whensoeuer neede is, they are all obedient. 24 They are all double, one against another: he hath made nothing that hath any fault. 25 The one commendeth the goodnesse of the other, and who can bee satisfied with beholding Gods glorie?