Sirach 40

Geneva(i) 1 Great trauaile is created for all men, and an heauie yoke vpon the sonnes of Adam from the day that they goe out of their mothers wombe, till the day that they returne to ye mother of all things, 2 Namely their thoughts, and feare of the heart, and their imagination of the things they waite for, and the day of death, 3 From him that sitteth vpon ye glorious throne, vnto him that is beneath in the earth and ashes: 4 From him that is clothed in blewe silke, and weareth a crowne, euen vnto him that is clothed in simple linnen. 5 Wrath and enuie, trouble, and vnquietnesse, and feare of death, and rigour, and strife, and in the time of rest the sleepe in the night vpon his bed, change his knowledge. 6 A litle or nothing is his rest, and afterward in sleeping hee is as in a watchtowre in the day: hee is troubled with the visions of his heart, as one that runneth out of a battell. 7 And when all is safe, hee awaketh, and marueileth that the feare was nothing. 8 Such thinges come vnto all flesh, both man and beast, but seuen folde to the vngodly: 9 Moreouer, death and blood, and strife, and sworde, oppression, famine, destruction, and punishment. 10 These thinges are all created for the wicked, and for their sakes came the flood also. 11 All things that are of the earth, shal turne to earth againe: and they that are of the waters, shall returne into the sea. 12 All bribes and vnrighteousnes shall be put away: but faithfulnesse shall endure for euer. 13 The substance of the vngodly shall be dried vp like a riuer, and they shall make a sounde like a great thunder in the raine. 14 When he openeth his hand, he reioyceth: but all the transgressours shall come to nought. 15 The children of the vngodly shall not obtaine many branches: for the vncleane rootes are as vpon the high rockes. 16 Their render stalke by what water so euer it bee or water banke, it shall be pulled vp before all other herbes. 17 Friendlinesse is as a most plentifull garden of pleasure, and mercie endureth for euer. 18 To labour and to bee content with that a man hath, is a sweete life: but he that findeth a treasure, is aboue them both. 19 Children, and the building of the citie maketh a perpetuall name: but an honest woman is counted aboue them both. 20 Wine and musike reioyce the heart: but the loue of wisdome is aboue them both. 21 The pipe and the psalterion make a sweete noyse: but a pleasant tongue is aboue them both. 22 Thine eye desireth fauour and beautie: but a greene seede time, rather then them both. 23 A friende, and companion come together at opportunitie: but aboue them both is a wife with her husband. 24 Friends and helpe are good in the time of trouble, but almes shall deliuer more then them both. 25 Golde and siluer fasten the feete: but counsell is esteemed aboue them both. 26 Riches and strength lift vp the minde: but the feare of the Lorde is aboue them both: there is no want in the feare of the Lord, & it needeth no helpe. 27 The feare of the Lord is a pleasant garden of blessing, and there is nothing so beautifull as it is. 28 My sonne, leade not a beggers life: for better it were to die then to begge. 29 The life of him that dependeth on another mans table, is not to be couted for a life: for he tormenteth him selfe after other mens meate: but a wise man and well nourtured, will beware thereof. 30 Begging is sweete in the mouth of the vnshamefast, and in his belly there burneth a fire.