Sirach 36

Geneva(i) 1 Haue mercie vpon vs, O Lord God of all things, and beholde vs, and shewe vs the light of thy mercies, 2 And send thy feare among the nations, which seeke not after thee, that they may know that there is no God but thou, and that they may shewe thy wonderous workes. 3 Lift vp thine hande vpon the strange nations, that they may see thy power. 4 As thou art sanctified in vs before them, so be thou magnified among them before vs, 5 That they may know thee, as we know thee: for there is none other God but only thou, O Lord. 6 Renue the signes, and change the wonders: shewe the glory of thine hand, and thy right arme, that they may shew foorth thy wonderous actes. 7 Raise vp thine indignation, and powre out wrath: take away the aduersarie, & smite the enemie. 8 Make the time short: remember thine othe, that thy wonderous workes may be praised. 9 Let the wrath of the fire consume them that escape, and let them perish that oppresse the people. 10 Smite in sunder the heads of the princes that be our enemies, & say, There is none other but we. 11 Gather all the tribes of Iacob together, that they may knowe that there is none other God but only thou, and that they may shew thy wonderous works, and inherit thou them as fro the beginning. 12 O Lord, haue mercie vpon the people, that is called by thy Name, and vpon Israel, whom thou hast likened to a first borne sonne. 13 Oh, bee mercifull vnto Ierusalem the citie of thy Sanctuarie, the citie of thy rest. 14 Fill Sion, that it may magnifie thine oracles, and fill thy people with thy glorie. 15 Giue witnes vnto those that thou hast possessed from the beginning, and raise vp the prophecies that haue bene shewed in thy Name. 16 Rewarde them that waite for thee, that thy Prophets may be found faithfull. 17 O Lorde, heare the prayer of thy seruants according to the blessing of Aaron ouer thy people, and guide thou vs in the way of righteousnesse, that all they which dwel vpon the earth, may know that thou art the Lord the eternall God. 18 The bellie deuoureth all meates, yet is one meate better then another. 19 As the throte tasteth venison, so doeth a wise minde discerne false wordes. 20 A froward heart bringeth griefe, but a man of experience will resist it. 21 A woman is apt to receiue euery man: yet is one daughter better then another. 22 The beautie of a woman cheereth the face, and a man loueth nothing better. 23 If there be in her tongue gentlenes, meekenes, and wholesome talke, then is not her husband like other men. 24 He that hath gotten a vertuous woman, hath begun to get a possession: she is an helpe like vnto himselfe, and a pillar to rest vpon. 25 Where no hedge is, there the possession is spoyled: and he that hath no wife, wandereth to and fro, mourning. 26 Who will trust a thiefe that is alway ready and wandereth from towne to towne? and likewise him, that hath no rest, and lodgeth, wheresoeuer the night taketh him?