Sirach 32

Geneva(i) 1 If thou be made ye master of the feast, lift not thy selfe vp, but be among them, as one of the rest: take diligent care for them, and so sit downe. 2 And when thou hast done all thy duetie, sit downe, that thou maiest be merie with them, and receiue a crown for thy good behauiour. 3 Speake thou that art the elder: for it becommeth thee, but with sound iudgement, and hinder not musike. 4 Powre not out wordes, where there is no audience, and shew not forth wisedome out of time. 5 The consent of musicians at a banket is as a signet of carbuncle set in golde. 6 And as the signet of an emeraude well trimmed with golde, so is the melodie of musike in a pleasant banket. 7 Giue eare, and be still, and for thy good behauiour thou shalt be loued. 8 Thou that art yong speake, if neede bee, and yet scarcely when thou art twise asked. 9 Comprehende much in fewe wordes in many things be as one that is ignorant: bee as one that vnderstandeth, and yet holde thy tongue. 10 If thou be among great men, compare not thy selfe vnto them, and when an elder speaketh, babble not much. 11 Before the thunder goeth lightning, and before a shamefast man goeth fauour. 12 Stande vp betimes, and be not the last: but get thee home without delay, 13 And there take thy pastime, and doe what thou wilt, so that thou doe none euil, or vse proud wordes. 14 But aboue all things, giue thanks vnto him that hath made thee, and replenished thee with his goodes. 15 Who so feareth the Lorde, will receiue his doctrine, & they that rise earely, shall finde fauour. 16 Hee that seeketh the Lawe; shall bee filled therwith: but the hypocrite wil be offended therat. 17 They that feare the Lorde, shall finde that which is righteous, & shal kindle iustice as a light. 18 An vngodly man will not be reformed, but findeth out excuses according to his will. 19 A man of vnderstanding despiseth not counsel: but a lewd and proud man is not touched with feare, euen when he hath done rashly. 20 My sonne, do nothing without aduisemeet so shall it not repent thee after the deede. 21 Go not in ye way where thou mayest fal, norwhere thou mayest stumble among the stones, neither trust thou in the way that is plaine. 22 And beware of thine owne childre, and take heede of them that be thine owne housholde. 23 In euery good worke be of a faithful heart: for this is the keeping of the commandements. 24 Who so beleeueth in the Lorde, keepeth the commandements: and he that trusteth in the Lord, shall take no hurt.