Sirach 31

Geneva(i) 1 Waking after riches pineth away the bodie, and the care thereof driueth away sleepe. 2 This waking care breaketh the sleepe, as a great sicknes breaketh the sleepe. 3 The rich hath great labour in gathering riches together, & in his rest hee is filled with pleasures. 4 The poore laboureth in liuing poorely, and when he leaueth off, he is still poore. 5 He that loueth golde, shall not bee iustified, & he that followeth corruption, shal haue ynough thereof. 6 Many are destroyed by the reason of gold, and haue found their destruction before them. 7 It is as a stumbling block vnto them that sacrifice vnto it, and euerie foole is taken therewith. 8 Blessed is the riche which is found without blemish, and hath not gone after golde, nor hoped in money and treasures. 9 Who is hee, and wee will commend him? for wonderfull things hath he done among his people. 10 Who hath bene tryed thereby, and founde persite? let him be an example of glorie, who might offende, and hath not offended, or doe euill, and hath not done it. 11 Therefore shall his goods be stablished, and the congregation shall declare his almes. 12 If thou sit at a costlie table, open not thy mouth wide vpon it, & say not, Behold much meat. 13 Remember that an euil eye is a shrewe: and what thing created is worse then a wicked eye? for it weepeth for euery cause. 14 Stretch not thine hand wheresoeuer it looketh, and thrust it not with it into the dishe. 15 Consider by thy selfe him that is by thee, & marke euery thing. 16 Eate modestly that which is set before thee, and deuoure not, lest thou be hated. 17 Leaue thou off first for nurtours sake, and be not insatiable, lest thou offend. 18 When thou sittest among many, reach not thine hand out first of all. 19 How litle is sufficiet for a man wel taught? and thereby he belcheth not in his chamber, nor feeleth any paine. 20 A wholesome sleepe commeth of a temperate bellie: he riseth vp in the morning, and is wel at ease in him selfe: but paine in watching and cholericke diseases, and panges of the bellie are with an vnsatiable man. 21 If thou hast bene forced to eate, arise, goe forth, vomite, and then take thy rest: so thou shalt bring no sicknesse vnto thy bodie. 22 My sonne, heare me, and despise me not, & at the last thou shalt finde as I haue tolde thee: in all thy works be quicke, so shall there no sicknesse come vnto thee. 23 Who so is liberal in his meate, men shall blesse him: and the testimonie of his honestie shalbe beleeued. 24 But against him that is a nigard of his meat, the whole citie shall murmure: the testimonies of his nigardnes shalbe sure. 25 Shew not thy valiantnes in wine: for wine hath destroyed many. 26 The fornace proueth the edge in the tempering: so doeth wine the heartes of the proude by drunkennesse. 27 Wine soberly drunken, is profitable for the life of man: what is his life that is ouercome with wine? 28 Wine was made from the beginning to make men glad, and not for drunkennesse. Wine measurably drunken and in time, bringeth gladnes and cherefulnesse of the minde. 29 But wine drunken with excesse maketh bitternes of minde with braulings and scouldings. 30 Drunkennesse increaseth the courage of a foole, til hee offend: it diminisheth his strength and maketh woundes. 31 Rebuke not thy neighbour at the wine, and despise him not in his mirth: giue him no despiteful wordes, and presse not vpon him with contrarie wordes.