Sirach 25

Geneva(i) 1 Three things reioyce me, and by them am I beautified before God and men: the vnitie of brethren, the loue of neighbours, a man and wife that agree together. 2 Three sortes of men my soule hateth, and I vtterly abhorre the life of them: a poore man that is proude: a rich man that is a lyar, and an old adulterer that doteth. 3 If thou hast gathered nothing in thy youth, what canst thou finde in thine age? 4 Oh, how pleasant a thing is it when gray headed men minister iudgement, and when the elders can giue good counsell! 5 Oh, how comely a thing is wisedome vnto aged men, and vnderstanding and prudencie to men of honour! 6 The crowne of old men is to haue much experience, and the feare of God is their glorie. 7 There be nine things, which I haue iudged in mine heart to be happy, and the tenth wil I pronounce with my tongue: a man that while he liueth, hath ioy of his children, and seeth the fall of his enemies. 8 Well is him that dwelleth with a wife of vnderstanding, and that hath not fallen with his tongue, and that hath not serued such as are vnworthie of him. 9 Well is him that findeth prudencie, & he that speaketh in the eares of them that will heare. 10 Oh, how great is hee that findeth wisdome! yet is there none aboue him, that feareth the Lord. 11 The feare of the Lorde passeth all things in clearenesse. 12 Blessed is the man, vnto whom it is granted to haue the feare of God. Vnto whom shall he be likened that hath attayned it? 13 The feare of the Lord is the beginning of his loue, & faith is ye beginning to be ioyned vnto him. 14 The greatest heauinesse is the heauinesse of the heart, and the greatest malice is the malice of a woman. 15 Giue me any plague, saue only the plague of the heart, & any malice, saue ye malice of a woman: 16 Or any assault, saue the assault of them that hate, or any vengeance, saue the vengeance of the enemy. 17 There is not a more wicked head then the head of the serpent, and there is no wrath aboue the wrath of an enemie. 18 I had rather dwel with a lion and dragon, then to keepe house with a wicked wife. 19 The wickednesse of a woman changeth her face, & maketh her countenance blacke as a sacke. 20 Her husband is sitting among his neighbors: because of her he sigheth sore or he beware. 21 All wickednesse is but little to the wickednesse of a woman: let the portion of the sinner fall vpon her. 22 As the climing vp of a sandie way is to the feete of the aged, so is a wife full of words to a quiet man. 23 Stumble not at the beautie of a woman, and desire her not for thy pleasure. 24 If a woman nourish her husbad, she is angryand impudent and full of reproche. 25 A wicked wife maketh a sorie heart, an heauie countenance, and a wounded minde, weake handes and feeble knees, and can not comfort her husband in heauinesse. 26 Of the woman came the beginning of sinne, and through her we all die. 27 Giue the water no passage, no not a litle, neither giue a wicked woman libertie to goe out. 28 If she walke not in thine obedience, she shall confound thee in the sight of thine enemies. Cut her off then from thy flesh: Giue her, and forsake her.