Sirach 24

Geneva(i) 1 Wisedome shall praise her selfe, and be honoured in God, and reioyce in the middes of her people. 2 In the congregation of the most High shall she open her mouth, and triumph before his power. 3 In the middes of her people shall she be exalted, and wondred at in the holy assembly. 4 In the multitude of the chosen shee shall bee commended, and among such as be blessed, she shal be praysed, and shall say, 5 I am come out of the mouth of the most High, first borne before all creatures. 6 I caused the light that fayleth not, to arise in the heauen, and couered the earth as a cloude. 7 My dwelling is aboue in the height, and my throne is in the pillar of the cloude. 8 I alone haue gone round about the compasse of heauen, and haue walked in the bottom of the depth. 9 I possessed the waues of the sea, and all the earth, and all people, and nation, and with my power haue I troden downe the heartes of al, both high and low. 10 In all these things I sought rest, and a dwelling in some inheritance. 11 So the creator of all thinges gaue me a commandement, and he that made me, appointed me a tabernacle, and said, Let thy dwelling be in Iacob, and take thine inheritance in Israel, and roote thy selfe among my chosen. 12 He created me from the beginning, & before the world, and I shall neuer faile: In the holy habitation haue I serued before him, and so was I stablished in Sion. 13 In the welbeloued citie gaue he me rest, & in Ierusalem was my power. 14 I tooke roote in an honourable people, euen in the portion of the Lordes inheritance. 15 I am set vp on hie like a cedar in Libanus, & as a cypres tree vpon the mountaines of Hermon. 16 I am exalted like a palme tree about the bankes, and as a rose plant in Iericho, as a faire oliue tree in a pleasant fielde, and am exalted as a plane tree by the water. 17 I smelled as the cinnamum, and as a bag of spices: I gaue a sweete odour as the best mirrhe, as galbanum, and onix, and sweete storax, & perfume of incense in an house. 18 As the terebinth, haue I stretched out my branches, and my branches are the branches of honor and grace. 19 As the vine haue I brought forth fruite of sweete sauour, and my flowers are the fruite of honour and riches. 20 I am the mother of beautifull loue, and of feare, and of knowledge, and of holy hope: I giue eternall things to all my children to whome God hath commanded. 21 In me is all grace of life and trueth: in mee is all hope of life and vertue. 22 Come vnto me al ye that be desirous of me, and fill your selues with my fruites. 23 For the remembrance of mee is, sweeter then honie, and mine inheritance sweeter then the hony combe: the remebrance of me endureth for euermore. 24 They that eate me, shall haue the more hunger, and they that drinke me, shall thirst the more. 25 Who so hearkeneth vnto me, shal not come to confusion, and they that worke by me, shall not offende: they that make me to be knowen, shall haue euerlasting life. 26 All these thinges are the booke of life, and the couenant of the most high God, & the knowledge of the trueth, and the Law that Moyses in the precepts of righteousnes commaunded for an heritage vnto the house of Iacob, and the promises pertayning vnto Israel. 27 Be not wearie to behaue your selues valiantly with the Lord, that hee may also confirme you: cleaue vnto him: for the Lord almightie is but one God, and besides him there is none other Sauiour. 28 Out of Dauid his seruant hee ordeyned to raise vp a most mightie King that should sitte in the throne of honour for euermore. 29 Hee filleth all things with his wisedome, as Physon, and as Tygris, in the time of the newe fruites. 30 Hee maketh the vnderstanding to abounde like Euphrates, and as Iorden, in the time of the haruest. 31 He maketh the doctrine of knowledge to appeare as the light, and ouerfloweth as Geon in the time of the vintage. 32 The first man hath not knowen her perfectly: no more shall the last seeke her out. 33 For her considerations are more aboundant then the sea, and her counsell is profounder then the great deepe. 34 I wisdome haue cast out floodes: I am as an arme of the riuer: I runne into Paradise as a water conduite. 35 I sayd, I will water my faire garden, and will water my pleasant ground: and loe, my ditch became a flood, and my flood became a sea. 36 For I make doctrine to shine as the light of the morning, and I lighten it for euer. 37 I wil pearce thorow all the lower partes of the earth: I will looke vpon all such as be a sleepe, and lighten all them that trust in the Lord. 38 I will yet powre out doctrine, as prophesie, and leaue it vnto all ages for euer. 39 Beholde that I haue not laboured for my selfe onely, but for all them that seeke wisdome.