Sirach 21

Geneva(i) 1 My sonne, hast thou sinned? Doe so no more, but pray for the fore sinnes that they may be forgiuen thee. 2 Flee from sinne, as from a serpent: for if thou comest to neere it, it will bite thee: the teeth thereof are as the teeth of a lyon, to slay the soules of men. 3 All iniquitie is as a two edged sworde, the woundes whereof cannot be healed. 4 Strife and iniuries waste riches: so the house of the proude shalbe desolate. 5 The prayer of the poore going out of the mouth, commeth vnto the eares of the Lorde, and iustice is done him incontinently. 6 Who so hateth to be reformed, is in the way of sinners: but he that feareth the Lord, conuerteth in heart. 7 An eloquent talker is knowen a farre off: but he that is wise, perceiueth when he falleth. 8 Who so buildeth his house with other mens money, is like one that gathereth stones to make his graue. 9 The congregation of the wicked is like towe wrapped together: their ende is a flame of fire to destroy them. 10 The way of sinners is made plaine with stones, but at the ende thereof is hell, darkenesse and paynes. 11 He that keepeth the Law of the Lord, ruleth his owne affections thereby: and the encrease of wisedome is the ende of the feare of God. 12 He that is not wise, will not suffer him selfe to be taught: but there is some witte that encreaseth bitternesse. 13 The knowledge of the wise shall abounde like water that runneth ouer, and his counsell is like a pure fountaine of life. 14 The inner partes of a foole are like a broken vessell: he can keepe no knowledge whiles he liueth. 15 When a man of vnderstanding heareth a wise worde, he will commende it, and increase it: but if an ignorant man heare it, he will disalowe it, and cast it behinde his backe. 16 The talking of a foole is like a burden in the way, but there is comelinesse in the talke of a wise man. 17 They inquire at the mouth of the wise man in the congregation, & they shall ponder his words in their heart. 18 As is an house that is destroyed, so is wisdom vnto a foole, and the knowledge of the vnwise is as wordes without order. 19 Doctrine vnto fooles is as fetters on the feete, and like manicles vpon the right hand. 20 A foole lifteth vp his voyce with laughter, but a wise man doeth scarce smile secretly. 21 Learning is vnto a wise man a iewell of golde, and like a bracelet vpon his right arme. 22 A foolish mans foote is soone in his neighbours house: but a man of experience is ashamed to looke in. 23 A foole will peepe in at the dooore into the house: but he that is wel nurtured, wil stand wtout. 24 It is the point of a foolish man to hearken at the doore: for he that is wise, will be grieued with such dishonour. 25 The lippes of talkers will be telling such things as pertaine not vnto them, but the wordes of such as haue vnderstanding, are weighed in the balance. 26 The heart of fooles is in their mouth: but the mouth of the wise is in their heart. 27 When the vngodly curseth Satan, he curseth his owne soule. 28 A backebiter defileth his owne soule, and is hated wheresoeuer he is: but he that keepeth his tongue, and is discreete, shall come to honour.