Sirach 20

Geneva(i) 1 There is some rebuke that is not comely: againe, some man holdeth his tongue, and he is wise. 2 It is much better to reprooue, then to beare euill will: and he that acknowledgeth his fault, shalbe preserued from hurt. 3 As when a gelded man through lust woulde defile a mayde, so is he that vseth violence in iudgement. 4 Howe good a thing is it, when thou art reprooued, to shewe repentance! For so shalt thou escape wilfull sinne. 5 Some man keepeth silence, & is found wise, and some by much babbling becommeth hatefull. 6 Some man holdeth his tongue, because he hath not to answere: and some keepeth silence, waiting a conuenient time. 7 A wise man will holde his tongue till he see opportunitie: but a trifler and a foole will regarde no time. 8 He that vseth many wordes, shall be abhorred, and he that taketh authoritie to him selfe, shalbe hated. 9 Some man hath oft times prosperitie in wicked thinges, and sometime a thing that is founde, bringeth losse. 10 There is some gift that is not profitable for thee, & there is some gift, whose reward is double. 11 Some man humbleth him selfe for glories sake, and some by humblenesse lifteth vp the head. 12 Some man byeth much for a litle price: for the which he payeth seuen times more. 13 A wise man with his wordes maketh him selfe to be loued, but the merrie tales of fooles shal be powred out. 14 The gift receiued of a foole, shall doe thee no good, neither yet of the enuious for his importunitie: for he looketh to receiue many things for one: he giueth litle, and he vpbraideth much: he openeth his mouth like a towne cryer: to day he lendeth, to morowe asketh he againe, and such one is to be hated of God and man. 15 The foole saith, I haue no friend: I haue no thanke for all my good deedes: and they that eate my bread, speake euill of me. 16 How oft, and of how many shal he be laughed to scorne? for he comprehendeth not by right iudgement that which he hath: and it is all one as though he had it not. 17 The fall on a pauement is very sudden: so shall the fall of the wicked come hastely. 18 A man without grace is as a foolish tale which is oft tolde by the mouth of the ignorant. 19 A wise sentence loseth grace when it commeth out of a fooles mouth: for he speaketh not in due season. 20 Some man sinneth not because of pouertie, and yet is not grieued when he is alone. 21 Some man there is that destroyeth his owne soule, because he is ashamed, and for the regarde of persons loseth it. 22 Some man promiseth vnto his friende for shame, and getteth an enemie of him for naught. 23 A lie is a wicked shame in a man: yet is it oft in the mouth of the vnwise, 24 A thiefe is better, then a man that is accustomed to lie: but they both shall haue destruction to heritage. 25 The conditions of lyars are vnhonest, and their shame is euer with them. 26 A wise man shall bring him selfe to honour with his wordes, and he that hath vnderstanding, shall please great men. 27 He that tilleth his lande, shall increase his heape: he that worketh righteousnesse, shalbe exalted, and he that pleaseth great men, shall haue pardon of his iniquitie. 28 Rewardes and giftes blinde the eyes of the wise, and make them dumme, that they can not reprooue faultes. 29 Wisedome that is hid, and treasure that is hoarded vp, what profite is in them both? 30 Better is hee that keepeth his ignorance secret, then a man that hydeth his wisedome. 31 The necessarie patience of him, that followeth the Lorde, is better then he that gouerneth his life without the Lorde.