Sirach 17

Geneva(i) 1 The Lorde hath created man of the earth, and turned him vnto it againe. 2 He gaue him the number of dayes & certaine times, and gaue him power of the thinges that are vpon earth. 3 Hee clothed them with strength, as they had neede, and made them according to his image. 4 He made all flesh to feare him, so that he had the dominion ouer the beastes, and foules. 5 He created out of him an helper like vnto him selfe, and gaue them discretion and tongue, and eyes, eares, and an heart to vnderstande, and sixtly he gaue them a spirit, and seuenthly hee gaue them speach to declare his workes, 6 And hee filled them with knowledge of vnderstanding, and shewed them good and euill. 7 He set his eye vpon their hearts, declaring vnto them his noble workes, 8 And gaue them occasion to reioyce perpetually in his miracles, that they should prudently declare his works, and that the elect should prayse his holy Name together. 9 Besides this, he gaue them knowledge, & gaue the the Law of life for an heritage, that they might nowe knowe that they were mortall. 10 He made an euerlasting couenant with the, and shewed them his iudgements. 11 Their eyes sawe the maiestie of his glory, and their eares heard his glorious voyce. 12 And he said vnto them, Beware of al vnrighteous things. He gaue euery man also a commandement concerning his neighbour. 13 Their wayes are euer before him, and are not hid from his eyes. 14 Euery man from his youth is giuen to euill, and their stonie hearts can not become flesh. 15 Hee appoynted a ruler vpon euery people, when he deuided the nations of the whole earth. 16 And he did chuse Israel, as a peculiar people to himselfe, whom he nourisheth with discipline as his first borne, and giueth him most louing light, and doeth not forsake him. 17 All their workes are as the sunne before him, and his eyes are continually vpon their wayes. 18 None of their vnrighteousnesse is hid from him, but all their sinnes are before the Lord. 19 And as he is merciful, & knoweth his worke, hee doeth not leaue them nor forsake them, but spareth them. 20 The almes of a man, is as a thing sealed vp before him, & he keepeth the good deeds of man as the apple of the eye, and giueth repentance to their sonnes, and daughters. 21 At the last shal he arise, and reward them, and shall repay their reward vpon their heads. 22 But vnto them that will repent, he giueth them grace to returne, and exhorteth such as faile, with patience, and sendeth them the portion of the veritie. 23 Returne then vnto the Lorde, and forsake thy sinnes: make thy praier before his face, and take away the offence. 24 Turne againe vnto the most High: for he wil bring thee from darkenesse to wholesome light: forsake thine vnrighteousnesse, and hate greatly all abomination. 25 Knowe the righteousnesse and iudgements of God: stande in ye portio that is set forth for thee, and in the prayer of the most high God, and goe in the parts of the holy worlde with such as be liuing and confesse God. 26 Who can prayse the most High in the hell, as doe all they that liue and confesse him? 27 Abide not thou in the errour of the vngodly, but prayse the Lorde before death. 28 Thankefulnesse perisheth from the dead, as though he were not: but the liuing, and he that is sounde of heart, prayseth the Lord, and reioyceth in his mercy. 29 How great is the louing kindnes of the Lord our God, and his compassion vnto such as turne vnto him in holines! 30 For all things can not be in men, because the sonne of man is not immortal, and they take pleasure in the vanitie of wickednesse. 31 What is more cleare then the sunne? yet shall it faile. 32 So flesh and blood that thinketh euill, shall be reproued. 33 He seeth the power of the high heauen, and all men are but earth and ashes.