Sirach 16

Geneva(i) 1 Desire not the multitude of vnprofitable children, neither delight in vngodly children: though they be many, reioyce not in them, except the feare of the Lord be with them. 2 Trust not thou to their life, neither rest vpon their multitude. 3 For one that is iust, is better then a thousand such, and better it is to dye without children, then to leaue behinde him vngodly children. 4 For by one that hath vnderstanding, shal the citie be inhabited: but the stocke of the wicked shalbe wasted incontinently. 5 Many such thinges haue I seene with mine eyes, and mine eare hath heard greater things then these. 6 In the congregation of the vngodly shal a fire be kindled, and among vnfaithfull people shall the wrath be set on fire. 7 He spared not the olde gyants, which were rebellious, trusting to their owne strength, 8 Neither spared he where as Lot dwelt, those whome he abhorred for their pride. 9 He had no pitie vpon the people that were destroyed, and puffed vp in their sinnes. 10 And so he preserued the sixe hudreth thousand footemen, that were gathered in the hardnesse of their heart, in afflicting them and pitying them, in smiting them and healing them, with mercie, and with chastisement. 11 Therefore if there be one stifnecked among the people, it is marueile if he scape vnpunished: for mercy & wrath are with him: he is mightie to forgiue, and to powre out displeasure. 12 As his mercy is great, so is his punishment also he iudgeth a man according to his workes. 13 The vngodly shal not escape with his spoile, & the patience of the godly shal not be delayed. 14 He wil giue place to all good deedes, & euery one shal finde according to his workes, and after the vnderstanding of his pilgrimage. 15 The Lorde hardened Pharao, that he should not know him, & that his works should be knowen vpon the earth vnder the heauen. 16 His mercy is knowen to all creatures: he hath separate his light from the darknes with an adamat. 17 Say not thou, I will hide my selfe from the Lorde: for who wil thinke vpon me from aboue? I shall not be knowen in so great an heape of people: for what is my soule among such an infinite nomber of creatures? 18 Beholde, the heauen, & the heauen of heauens, which are for God, the depth, & the earth, and all that therein is, shalbe moued when he shal visit. 19 All the worlde which is created and made by his will, the mountaines also, & the foundations of the earth shall shake for feare, when the Lorde looketh vpon them. 20 These things doth no heart vnderstand worthily, but he vnderstandeth euery heart. 21 And who vnderstandeth his wayes? and the storme that no man can see? for the most part of his workes are hid. 22 Who can declare the workes of his righteousnes? or who can abide them? for his ordinance is farre off, and the trying out of all things fayleth. 23 He that is humble of heart, wil cosider these things: but an vnwise and erronious man casteth his minde vpon foolish things. 24 My sonne, hearken vnto me, & learne knowledge, and marke my wordes with thine heart. 25 I will declare thee waightie doctrine, and I will instruct thee exactly in knowledge. 26 The Lorde hath set his workes in good order from the beginning, and part of them hath he sundred from the other when he first made them. 27 He hath garnished his workes for euer, and their beginnings so long as they shall endure, they are not hungrie nor wearyed in their labours, nor cease from their offices. 28 None of them hindreth another, neither was any of them disobedient vnto his wordes. 29 After this the Lorde looked vpon the earth and filled it with his good things. 30 With all maner of liuing beastes hath he couered the face thereof, and they returne into it againe.