Sirach 15

Geneva(i) 1 He that feareth the Lord, will do good: and he that hath the knowledge of the Law, wil keepe it sure. 2 As an honorable mother shal shee meete him, and she, as his wife maryed of a virgine, wil receyue him. 3 With the bread of life and vnderstanding shal shee feede him, and giue him the water of wholesome wisdome to drinke. 4 He shal assure himselfe in her, & shall not be moued, and shal holde himselfe fast by her, and shal not be confounded. 5 She shall exalt him aboue his neighbours, & in the middes of the congregation shall shee open his mouth: with the spirit of wisdome, and vnderstanding shal shee fill him, and clothe him with the garment of glory. 6 Shee shall cause him to inherite ioy, and the crowne of gladnes, and an euerlasting name. 7 But foolish men wil not take hold vpon her: but such as haue vnderstanding, wil meete her: the sinners shal not see her. 8 For she is farre from pride and deceite, and men that lye, can not remember her: but men of trueth shall haunt her, and shal prosper euen vnto the beholding of God. 9 Prayse is not seemely in the mouth of the sinner: for that is not sent of the Lord. 10 But if praise come of wisdome, & be plenteous in a faithful mouth then ye Lord wil prosper it. 11 Say not thou, It is through the Lorde that I turne backe: for thou oughtest not to do the things that he hateth. 12 Say not thou, He hath caused me to erre: for he hath no neede of the sinnefull man. 13 The Lord hateth all abomination of error: and they that feare God, loue it not. 14 He made man from the beginning, & left him in the hand of his counsel, and gaue him his commandements and precepts. 15 If thou wilt, thou shalt obserue the commadements, and testifie thy good will. 16 He hath set water & fire before thee: stretch out thine hand vnto which thou wilt. 17 Before man is life and death, good and euill: what him liketh, shalbe giuen him. 18 For the wisdome of the Lord is great, and he is mightie in power, and beholdeth all things continually. 19 And the eyes of the Lord are vpon them that feare him, & he knoweth al the works of man. 20 He hath commanded no man to do vngodly, neither hath he giuen any man licence to sinne: for he desireth not a multitude of infidels, and vnprofitable children.