Sirach 14

Geneva(i) 1 Blessed is the man that hath not fallen by the worde of his mouth, and is not tormented with the sorow of sinne. 2 Blessed is he that is not condemned in his coscience, and is not fallen from his hope in the Lord. 3 Riches are not comely for a nigard, & what should an enuious man do with money? 4 Hee that gathereth together from his owne soule, heapeth together for others, that will make good cheare with his goods. 5 He that is wicked vnto himselfe, to whome will he be good? for such one can haue no pleasure of his goods. 6 There is nothing worse, then when one enuieth himselfe: and this is a reward of his wickednes. 7 And if he do any good, he doth it, not knowing thereof, and against his will, and at the last he declareth his wickednes. 8 The enuious man hath a wicked looke: hee turneth away his face, and despiseth men. 9 A couetous mans eye hath neuer ynough of a portion, and his wicked malice withereth his owne soule. 10 A wicked eye enuieth the bread, and there is scarcenesse vpon his table. 11 My sonne, do good to thy selfe of that thou hast, and giue the Lord his due offrings. 12 Remember that death tarieth not, and that the couenant of the graue is not shewed vnto thee. 13 Do good vnto thy friend before thou dye, and according to thine habilitie stretche out thine hand, and giue him. 14 Defraude not thy selfe of the good day, & let not the portion of the good desires ouerpasse thee. 15 Shalt thou not leaue thy traueiles vnto another, & thy labours for the deuiding of ye heritage? 16 Giue and take & sanctifie thy soule: worke thou righteousnes before thy death: for in the hell there is no meate to finde. 17 All flesh waxeth olde, as a garment, and this is the condition of all times, Thou shalt die the death. 18 As the greene leaues on a thicke tree, some fall, & some growe, so is the generation of flesh and blood: one cometh to an end, & another is borne. 19 All corruptible things shall fayle, and the worker thereof shal go withall. 20 Euery excellent worke shalbe iustified, and he that worketh it, shal haue honour thereby. 21 Blessed is the man that doeth meditate honest things by wisedome, and exerciseth himselfe in iustice, and he that reasoneth of holy things by his vnderstanding, 22 Which considereth in his heart her wayes, and vnderstandeth her secrets. 23 Goe thou after her as one that seeketh her out, and lye in wayte in her wayes. 24 He shal looke in at her windowes, and hearken at her doores. 25 He shall abide beside her house, and fasten a stake in her walles: he shal pitch his tent besides her 26 And he shal remaine in the lodging of good men, and shall set his children vnder her couering, and shal dwell vnder her branches. 27 By her he shalbe couered from the heate, & in her glory shall he dwell.