Sirach 12

Geneva(i) 1 When thou wilt doe good, knowe to whome thou doest it, so shalt thou be thanked for thy benefites. 2 Do good vnto the righteous, and thou shalt finde great reward, though not of him, yet of the most High. 3 Hee can not haue good that continueth in euill, and giueth not almes: for the most High hateth the sinners, and hath mercie vpon them that repent. 4 Giue vnto such as feare God, and receiue not a sinner. 5 Doe well vnto him that is lowly, but giue not to the vngodly: holde backe thy bread, and giue it not vnto him, least he ouercome thee thereby: else thou shalt receiue twise as much euill for all the good that thou doest vnto him. 6 For the most High hateth the wicked, & will repay vengeance vnto the vngodly, and keepeth them against the day of horrible vengeance. 7 Giue vnto the good, & receiue not the sinner. 8 A friende can not bee knowen in prosperitie, neither can an enemie be vnknowen in aduersitie. 9 When a man is in wealth, it grieueth his enemies, but in heauinesse and trouble a mans very friend will depart from him. 10 Trust neuer thine enemie: for like as an yron rusteth, so doeth his wickednesse. 11 And though hee make much crouching and kneeling, yet aduise thy selfe, and beware of him, and thou shalt be to him, as he that wipeth a glasse, and thou shalt knowe that all his rust hath not bin well wiped away. 12 Set him not by thee, least hee destroy thee, and stand in thy place. 13 Neither set him at thy right hande, least hee seeke thy rowme, and thou at the last remember my words, and be pricked with my sayings. 14 Bind not two sinnes together: for there shal not one be vnpunished. 15 Who will haue pitie of the charmer, that is stinged of the serpent? or of all such as come neere the beastes? so is it with him that keepeth companie with a wicked man, and wrappeth him selfe in his sinnes. 16 For a season wil he bide with thee: but if thou stumble, he tarieth not. 17 An enemie is sweete in his lips: he can make many good wordes, and speake many good things: yea, hee can weepe with his eyes, but in his heart hee imagineth howe to throwe thee into the pit: and if he may finde opportunitie, he will not bee satisfied with blood. 18 If aduersitie come vpon thee, thou shalt find him there first, and though hee pretende to helpe thee, yet shall he vndermine thee: he will shake his head, and clap his hands, and wil make many words, and disguise his countenance.