Psalms 72:1-7

Geneva(i) 1 A Psalme of Salomon. Give thy iudgements to the King, O God, and thy righteousnesse to the Kings sonne. 2 Then shall he iudge thy people in righteousnesse, and thy poore with equitie. 3 The mountaines and the hilles shall bring peace to the people by iustice. 4 He shall iudge the poore of the people: he shall saue the children of the needie, and shall subdue the oppressor. 5 They shall feare thee as long as the sunne and moone endureth, from generatio to generation. 6 He shall come downe like the rayne vpon the mowen grasse, and as the showres that water the earth. 7 In his dayes shall the righteous florish, and abundance of peace shalbe so long as the moone endureth.