John 19:38-42

Geneva(i) 38 And after these things, Ioseph of Arimathea (who was a disciple of Iesus, but secretly for feare of the Iewes) besought Pilate that he might take downe the bodie of Iesus. And Pilate gaue him licence. He came then and tooke Iesus body. 39 And there came also Nicodemus (which first came to Iesus by night) and brought of myrrhe and aloes mingled together about an hundreth pound. 40 Then tooke they the body of Iesus, and wrapped it in linnen clothes with the odours, as the maner of the Iewes is to burie. 41 And in that place where Iesus was crucified, was a garden, and in the garden a newe sepulchre, wherein was neuer man yet laid. 42 There then laide they Iesus, because of the Iewes Preparation day, for the sepulchre was neere.