Hosea 11

Geneva(i) 1 When Israel was a childe, then I loued him, and called my sonne out of Egypt. 2 They called them, but they went thus from them: they sacrificed vnto Baalim, and burnt incense to images. 3 I ledde Ephraim also, as one shoulde beare them in his armes: but they knewe not that I healed them. 4 I led them with cordes of a man, euen with bandes of loue, and I was to them, as hee that taketh off the yoke from their iawes, and I laide the meat vnto them. 5 He shall no more returne into the lande of Egypt: but Asshur shalbe his King, because they refused to conuert. 6 And the sworde shall fall on his cities, and shall consume his barres, and deuoure them, because of their owne counsels. 7 And my people are bent to rebellion against me: though they called them to the most hie, yet none at all would exalt him. 8 Howe shall I giue thee vp, Ephraim? howe shall I deliuer thee, Israel? how shall I make thee, as Admah? howe shall I set thee, as Zeboim? mine heart is turned within mee: my repentings are rouled together. 9 I wil not execute ye fiercenesse of my wrath: I will not returne to destroy Ephraim: for I am God, and not man, the holy one in the middes of thee, and I will not enter into the citie. 10 They shall walke after the Lord: he shall roare like a lyon: when hee shall roare, then the children of the West shall feare. 11 They shall feare as a sparrow out of Egypt, and as a doue of the lande of Asshur, and I will place them in their houses, sayth the Lord. 12 Ephraim copasseth me about with lies, and the house of Israel with deceit: but Iudah yet ruleth with God, and is faithfull with the Saints.