Ezekiel 27:18-32

Geneva(i) 18 They of Damascus were thy marchants in ye multitude of thy wares, for the multitude of all riches, as in the wine of Helbon and white wooll. 19 They of Dan also and of Iauan, going to and from, occupied in thy faires: yron woorke, cassia and calamus were among thy marchandise. 20 They of Dedan were thy marchants in precious clothes for the charets. 21 They of Arabia, and all the princes of Kedar occupied with thee, in lambes, and rammes and goates: in these were they thy marchants. 22 The marchats of Sheba, and Raamah were thy marchantes: they occupied in thy faires with the chiefe of all spices, and with al precious stones and golde. 23 They of Haram and Canneh and Eden, the marchants of Sheba, Asshur and Chilmad were thy marchants. 24 These were thy marchants in all sortes of things, in raiment of blewe silke, and of broydred woorke, and in coffers for the rich apparell, which were bound with cordes: chaines also were among thy marchandise. 25 The shippes of Tarshish were thy chiefe in thy marchandise, and thou wast replenished and made very glorious in the middes of the sea. 26 Thy robbers haue brought thee into great waters: the East winde hath broken thee in the middes of the sea. 27 Thy riches and thy faires, thy marchandise, thy mariners and pilotes, thy calkers, and the occupiers of thy marchandise and al thy men of warre that are in thee, and all thy multitude which is in the middes of thee, shall fall in the middes of the sea in the day of thy ruine. 28 The suburbes shall shake at the sound of the crie of thy pilotes. 29 And all that handle the ore, the mariners and al the pilots of the sea shall come downe from their shippes, and shall stand vpon the land, 30 And shall cause their voyce to be heard against thee, and shall cry bitterly, and shall cast dust vpon their heads, and wallow theselues in the ashes. 31 They shall plucke off their heare for thee and gird them with a sackecloth, and they shall weepe for thee with sorow of heart and bitter mourning. 32 And in their mourning, they shall take vp a lametation for thee, saying, What citie is like Tyrus, so destroied in the middes of the sea!