Exodus 34:5-9

Geneva(i) 5 And the Lord descended in the cloude, and stoode with him there, and proclaimed the name of the Lord. 6 So the Lord passed before his face, and cried, The Lord, the Lord, strong, mercifull, and gracious, slowe to anger, and abundant in goodnesse and trueth, 7 Reseruing mercy for thousands, forgiuing iniquitie, and transgression and sinne, and not making the wicked innocent, visiting the iniquitie of the fathers vpon ye children, and vpon childrens children, vnto the third and fourth generation. 8 Then Moses made haste and bowed him selfe to the earth, and worshipped, 9 And sayde, O Lord, I pray thee, If I haue founde grace in thy sight, that the Lord woulde nowe goe with vs ( for it is a stiffe necked people) and pardon our iniquitie and our sinne, and take vs for thine inheritance.