Exodus 10:13-15

Geneva(i) 13 Then Moses stretched foorth his rod vpon the lande of Egypt: and the Lord brought an East winde vpon the land all that day, and al that night: and in the morning the East wind brought the grashoppers. 14 So the grashoppers went vp vpon all the land of Egypt, and remained in all quarters of Egypt: so grieuous Grashoppers, like to these were neuer before, neither after them shalbe such. 15 For they couered all the face of the earth, so that the lande was darke: and they did eate all the herbes of the lande, and all the fruites of the trees, which the haile had left, so that there was no greene thing left vpon the trees, nor among the herbes of the fielde throughout all the lande of Egypt.