2 Samuel 15:24-29

Geneva(i) 24 And lo, Zadok also was there, and all the Leuites with him, bearing the Arke of the couenant of God: and they set downe the Arke of God, and Abiathar went vp vntill the people were all come out of the citie. 25 Then the King said vnto Zadok, Carie the Arke of God againe into the citie: if I shall finde fauour in the eyes of the Lord, he will bring me againe, and shewe me both it, and the Tabernacle thereof. 26 But if he thus say, I haue no delite in thee, behold, here am I, let him doe to me as seemeth good in his eyes. 27 The King sayde againe vnto Zadok the Priest, Art not thou a Seer? returne into the citie in peace, and your two sonnes with you: to wit, Ahimaaz thy sonne, and Ionathan the sonne of Abiathar. 28 Behold, I wil tarie in the fieldes of the wildernesse, vntill there come some worde from you to be tolde me. 29 Zadok therefore and Abiathar caried the Arke of God againe to Ierusalem, and they taried there.